If you even casually pay attention to figure skating or the outlandish gossip surrounding figure skating, you’re no doubt aware ex-Olympian Johnny Weir’s relationship has devolved into a hot mess. The twenty-nine-year-old and his on-again-off-again husband, Victor Voronov, have hurled cheating accusations, defaced lavish gifts they gave each other and hired attorneys. Now, of course, they’re getting back together, and they’ve allegedly each written post-nuptial agreements they would like the other to sign.

According to TMZ, Victor is allegedly demanding Johnny apologize publically for all of the negative things he’s said about him. In addition, he’s also allegedly trying to get Mama Weir banned from giving the two relationship advice or from looking at their finances. In response, Johnny has prepared his own document, and it allegedly demands both men get STD tests every six months, with the results to be read out loud. In addition, it allegedly gives both partners complete veto power over who the other is hanging out with, and it bars both from cheating, aggressively flirting, sexting or mutually masturbating with someone else.

At this point, it’s unclear whether both parties have agreed to sign these documents or are pushing for alterations, but either way, the fact that they’re needed seems like an ominous harbinger of what might be to come. Most normal couples, gay or straight, don’t hire attorneys to hammer out rules for them to live by. They just talk it out, or in extreme cases, see a marriage counselor.

Still, if this is what these two need to stay together, then so be it. Good for them for giving it another chance rather than quitting on the triple axle before the rotation is complete.

If you’ve got some time, you can check out the best of Weir’s fashion choices here, or you can watch him skate to “Born This Way” in a wild getup below…



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