Judge Judy's Son Accused Of Interfering In Child Rape Investigation

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Judge Judy might be the most famous and richest member of her family, but shes actually not the most powerful. Her son Adam Levy is the Putnam County District Attorney. Until recently, he served without much fanfare, but now, thanks to one strange case involving one of his buddies and one heated rivalry with a local sheriff, hes found himself in the midst of a scandal.

The case in question involves a twelve-year-old girl who claims she was raped by a personal trainer named Alexandru Hossu. Because the fitness guru has been friends with Levy and his family for years, the DA recused himself from the case, but if the local sheriff is to be believed, hes still trying to pull the strings from behind the scenes. Heres what Sheriff Donald Smith told The Associated Press
He is apparently trying to influence and affect the investigation, which could be perceived as an ethical violation of his official duties and perhaps even as an attempt to undermine it."

In theory, the DAs Office and police officers are supposed to be on the same side of the law, but as anyone who has ever seen Law & Order can tell you, those groups dont always see eye-to-eye. In this case, Levy and Smith have apparently been going at it for awhile thanks to some parking tickets, though its still unclear which of the two was in the wrong there.

Heres to hoping everyone involved works out their differences and starts focusing on getting to the bottom of the truth.
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