Today’s been a big day for concert news, with Morrissey creating a vegetarian venue and this year’s Bonnaroo lineup getting announced. Those are both headlining stories, but probably not quite as exciting as the official word that Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z are both performing this summer at the same festival.

While this isn’t a total match-up, for fans of both men, it’s sort-of close. During the Grammys, Timberlake teased the potential to tour with the rapper and producer, but at the time, nothing was confirmed. On Tuesday, The Telegraph broke the news that both men will play the Wireless Festival this summer. Unfortunately, they won’t be playing on the same night. Timberlake will take the stage on Friday and Jay-Z is confirmed for a Saturday gig. Other popular stars signed on for the festival include recent Grammy winner Frank Ocean, Snoop Lion, and Miguel.

The Wireless Festival is a pretty big event in the UK and so far marks Timberlake’s only schedule performance in the UK in 2013. Unfortunately, it’s looking like Timberlake’s post-Grammy predictions may not have been as clear as they seemed initially. But hey, two artists in the same venue is almost as nice as two artists taking the stage together, right? Alright, maybe that’s a stretch, but Timberlake did tease some epic touring news, and we’ll let you know when he eventually reveals his collaborator. Hopefully, there’s still a shot that he and Jay-Z will tour together, even if the festival has the men performing on opposite nights.



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