Katt Williams Claims His Latest Arrest Was A Good Decision

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Katt Williamsí problems with the law continued this week when he was arrested outside of his home on a bench warrant, but if the comedian is to be believed, this arrest was actually understandable. Yesterday, he was supposed to appear in a Sacramento court room to answer the charges against him related to the three-wheeled motorcycle chase, but according to him, he didnít appear because he had a separate court case he had to go to.

Williams told TMZ, there was a hearing related to the custody of his children at the same time. So, like a good father, he decided to attend that one and blow off the other case, knowing full well heíd likely end up arrested. After police caught up with him, he was taken to the station and booked yesterday evening, but as of press time, heís already out on bail.

I have no idea why Williams didnít have his lawyer file a motion to delay his other hearing in order to deal with the custody case. Thatís the exact type of scenario judges are typically willing to work around. Regardless, itís time for Williams to start getting his act together. Heís had roughly three months of crazy, off the rails fun. Now itís time for him to be a responsible dad and a good citizen. He can be neither of those things from jail. Besides, stand-up comedy is a funnier place with his sober voice somewhere in it.
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