Nothing drives good friends apart like getting married and having babies. The gradual distancing might not be planned or desired, but walking down the aisle and being responsible for children change people’s priorities in a hurry. Those who haven’t followed suit often have difficulty connecting. Luckily for the Followill’s who make up the band Kings of Leon, they’ve all apparently coordinated the plunge together.

The transition began last April with guitarist Matthew and his wife Johanna Bennett, welcoming in a son named Knox. The next month, lead singer Caleb walked down the aisle with Lily Aldridge. Just this week, they had their first daughter named Pearl. A few months back, bassist Jared proposed to girlfriend Martha Patterson, and now, drummer Nathan and his wife of three years Jessie Baylin have announced they’re going to have a baby in December.

The band’s rep broke the news to US Weekly and commented that he’d never seen two people so excited about anything. Here in lies the huge pro of this Followill having children at this moment. If ever bandmates would understand needing some time off, a guitarist and a singer with newborns and a bassist in the middle of planning a wedding would. In fact, I think everyone involved would be positively elated to add a few more months to the band’s already scheduled hiatus.

Pop Blend sends out its congratulations to the entire Followill clan but most specifically, to Nathan and Jessie.



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