Longtime Mob Underboss Claims He Knows Where Jimmy Hoffa Is Buried

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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In the nearly four decades since powerful union head Jimmy Hoffa disappeared, thousands of tips have been sent to the FBI. None have ever gotten investigators any closer to cracking the high profile case, but then again, none of them have ever come from the son of legendary Detroit mafia co-founder Joe Zerilli.

Eighty-five-year-old Anthony Zerilli served as a mob underboss for decades, but he never became as powerful or as well-liked as his famous father. In fact, he was frequently kept out of the loop on important business, and he was completely booted out of the family a decade ago. If heís to be believed, however, he was told where Hoffa was buried.

According to CBS Local, Zerilli told WDIV over the weekend that Hoffa was murdered by the mob and stuck in a shallow grave. Over the years, the mob apparently talked about moving him but never got around to it. Zerilli claims he could lead people to whatever is left of Hoffa, but he hasnít divulged the location yet. He reportedly has money problems, and itís widely assumed heís looking for some kind of pay out or reward before playing the supposed trump card.

Until the FBI actually follows up on this, thereís no way to know whether thereís anything to it. On paper, Zerilli should know what happened to Hoffa if the Detroit mob was involved in the murder, but in practicality, he could have been lied to about what happened.

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