Earlier this week, Washington DC resident Seth Horvitz returned home from work to find a large box outside his apartment. He thought the flat screen television he’d recently ordered from a third party at Amazon.com was inside, but when he opened up the packaging, he found something far more deadly: a semi-automatic rifle.

According to FOX DC, Seth and his wife called the police once they realized the mix-up, which turned out to be a good thing because it’s illegal for a citizen to even transport such a weapon in the downtown area. Authorities confiscated the rifle and are currently looking into the situation. The third-party seller has remained completely silent since this mess went public, but the invoice contained in the box allegedly indicated the rifle was meant for a gun shop in Pennsylvania. There’s no word on which one, but if you’re interested in finding it, I’d look for the one with a new television.

For gun control or against it, I’m pretty sure everyone can agree care should be taken to mail semi-automatic rifles to the correct addresses. And if the owner isn’t home, a note should be left rather than dropping it all haphazard outside the door. That’s a recipe for a stupid kid to accidentally shoot himself.

Since no one was hurt, it seems unlikely any sort of laws will change as a result of this incident, but if there is any official governmental response, we’ll make sure to bring it to you.

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