Man Wins Lottery While Filming Dramatic Lottery Win Reenactment

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Have you ever watched a dramatic reenactment of a murder and wondered how strange it must be for the participants to film? However bizarre that might be, Iím sure it pales in comparison to the craziness Bill Morgan must have felt during this classic dramatic reenactment he shot for the news back in the 1990s.

After falling into a coma and having doctors advise his family to turn off the life support, the thirty-seven-year-old truck driver miraculously woke up. Not long after, he recovered, got a new job, met a woman and won a brand new car in a lottery. The local news got wind of the Australian manís bit of good luck, and they decided to do a news story, which required Morgan film a dramatic reenactment of him scratching off the ticket. Shit got real in a hurry, however, after the ticket proved to be a winner.

Take a look at the fortuitous break belowÖ

I love how Bill is completely calm when he first scratches the ticket and realizes he won all the money. Itís a perfect counterbalance to how his face starts to look as he begins to fully grasp what happened and exactly what this might mean moving forward.

This video was first posted more than a month ago, but people are just now discovering its awesomeness. Rightfully so too.
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