Mod Carousel Offers Gender-Reversed Take On Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines Video

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Thanks to Robin Thicke’s video for “Blurred Lines “ and Justin Timberlake’s clip for “Tunnel Vision”, music video nudity has been a pretty hot topic over the past few weeks. To some, the ample number of naked female models shimmying beside fully-clothed male artists has amounted to nothing more than good, dirty fun. To others, all the nudity has combined together to form one giant exploitive middle finger at women.

Via angry rants and weirded out confusion, more than a few people have aired their issues in public, but I’m not sure anyone has gotten across the message better than Mod Carousel, a boylesque group who dropped the following gender-reversed video for Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. You can take a look at it below…

Warning: This clip is NSFW…

There’s something off-putting about watching the above video. It’s bizarre. Over the years, we’ve all gotten used to the camera lingering on women’s bodies. We’ve all gotten used to the occasional cut-tos of cleavage, legs and in some cases full on boobs, but when the camera does it to a male, it really makes you notice what’s going on a little bit more. It makes you question what’s happening because really, the Mod Carousel take on the clip isn’t a whole lot different than the real version. Go ahead and take a look at Thicke’s original video below...

Warning: This is obviously NSFW too…

There’s a popular misconception that people who are opposed to music videos like Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” are opposed to female nudity. For a minority, that might be the case, but for most, the problem isn’t with bare boobs or butts or whatever. The problem is with a group of fully dressed men leering at a bunch of naked models in a display that clearly shows an imbalance of power. It’s not as if Thicke and his cohorts broke into a locker room or a sorority house. There’s nothing goofy or funny or tongue-in-cheek about what’s going on. There’s no Earthly reason why the dudes would have suits on and the women would be naked, unless they were at a strip club. It’s very clear these ladies are basically accessories, which is what makes the whole thing stupid and offensive and uncomfortable.

In the spirit of playing something we can all get behind, regardless of sexual orientations or viewpoints, here’s Jimmy Eat World’s adorable more than ten year old clip for “The Middle”, which features plenty of sweet underwear action and a completely level playing field…

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