Way back in February, Trent Reznor cemented the new Nine Inch Nails lineup and announced that a new tour would come along shortly. In the time since, the man has also begun putting together new music and on Thursday, Reznor announced big news via the NIN site, including the above new track, called “Came Back Haunted.”

The frenetically-paced track is a nice change of pace from what we’ve been getting with the musician’s other project, How To Detroy Angels. It’s been a while since Reznor has worked on Nine Inch Nails’ music. The man’s been busy with plenty of side projects, including the aforementioned group, as well as creating music for movies like The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I was honestly a little hesitant to click the play button and see what the prolific music-maker had put into “Came Back Haunted,” but the song is pleasantly Nine In Nails-y, and I can’t wait to see what else he brings to the table.

That’s right, there’s going to be more new music. In addition to the full-scale set of overseas and North American tour dates the band announced on Thursday, NIN is also putting out a brand new album called Hesitation Marks. The album won’t be released until September 3, but you can nab a copy of “Came Back Haunted” right now via iTunes.



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