This week’s been a pretty good week for fans of popular music. John Mayer announced his vocals are finally in shape enough to go on tour and Justin Timberlake dropped his second music video in as many months for the single “Mirrors.” If you’re looking for something new in the musical realm that’s a little outside the usual, however, The Airborne Toxic Event’s video for the single “Timeless” may be just what you are hoping for.

I’ve always found The Airborne Toxic Event’s music to be a little maudlin lyrically, although I like the blend of rock and orchestral music the group presents. Despite the positives and negatives of the band itself, there’s no denying the “Timeless” video is interesting, making great use of businessmen in a beachy setting and what looks to be numerous fog machines. There’s something about juxtaposing ballerinas in guazy costumes with musicians playing string instruments that’s especially eye catching, and while there doesn’t seem to be much of a connective story going on in the video, it’s nice to watch, nonetheless.

“Timeless” is the first single off of The Airborne Toxic Event’s third album, Such Hot Blood, which is set to hit shelves and be available for download on April 16. The band is also currently touring in the United States and Canada and will probably hit a location somewhere vaguely near you sometime this spring or early this summer. The final stop on the tour is currently listed as a June 1, at a venue in Visalia, California.



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