Oprah Tells Sober Lindsay Lohan To Avoid Europe, Good Or Bad Advice?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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For more than twenty years, millions of women took advice from Oprah Winfrey every day during her incredibly successful self-titled talk show. Over the past few years, she has moved onto a different format, but that doesnít mean her influence isnít just as powerful, especially in person. At least thatís what Lindsay Lohan found out after she sat down for an interview with the popular television personality and wound up leaving with cancelled travel plans.

During her prolonged stint in rehab, Lohan reportedly came up with a scheme to reward herself upon successful completion of the program. So, she booked a one way trip to Europe and decided sheíd leave following her Canyons/ Chelsea Lately duties to celebrate. The idea of celebrating small victories in a responsible manner is one endorsed by most (or maybe even all) treatment facilities, but that doesnít necessarily mean Lohanís impulse to flee to Europe by herself was a great idea.

According to TMZ, the actress told Oprah about her plan, and she was having none of it. She reportedly told Lindsay it was a bad idea immediately and subsequently called her multiple times prior to her flight to advise her to reconsider. In the end, her pleas worked too because the flight was this evening, and she apparently didnít wind up getting on it.

From a detached perspective, it kind of sounds like Oprah was meddling quite a bit in Lindsayís life by telling her how she should live, but there are actually reasons why she would want to give her opinion. Not only does she have that storied history of offering advice, her network OWN is actually running a series of specials on Lindsayís attempts to stay sober and get back into the acting game on a higher level. As such, itís not in anyoneís best interests for Lindsay to jet set around Europe and hit the bottle again. Besides, documentary series or not, Iím pretty sure everyone out there would like to see Lindsay get her shit together and thrive without any unneeded substances, though it remains to be seen what the best approach for her might be.

On the one hand, I get where Oprah is coming from by telling her not to go to Europe. Wandering around without any itinerary and without anyone to monitor her seems like it could be a recipe for sneaking some drinks at dinner. It also seems like it could be a recipe for plenty of partying. On the other hand, however, the people Lindsay actually knows in New York and Los Angeles are the ones who keep screwing with her sobriety. Maybe she really would have been better off just leaving it all behind for awhile, and maybe she would have benefited by people trusting her to make wise decisions. Many Europeans might like to have a drink with dinner, but that doesn't mean they're forcing booze down the throats of tourists.

What do you think? Was Lindsay right to bail on her European trip? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

Should Lindsay Have Gone To Europe?


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