The news leaked a little early yesterday that the mysterious new website Pottermore would not be, as many of us hoped, any kind of new stories from the Harry Potter universe, but instead an interactive game that sent fans on treasure hunts for wands hidden throughout the UK and United States. Now the site has gone live, and while it doesn't quite get into the details of the treasure hunt-- the action seems to get started in October-- it's still definitely not new stories.

Instead J.K. Rowling says, somewhat cryptically the video you can see below, that Pottermore is "an online reading experience unlike any other. It's the same story with a few crucial additions; the most important one is you." It's accompanied with some adorable paper animation, plus the news that you can finally get the Harry Potter books as e-books, but it's still hard to know exactly how we'll be able to use Pottermore. Presumably all that info will be coming in October, though if you want to be an early adopter you can also sign up at the website to possibly get in earlier. Check out the video below for all the detail and share in my general sadness that for now, we really aren't getting any new stories about Harry and company.



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