Ronnie From Jersey Shore Has Kidney Stones

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Former Jersey Shore cast member Ronnie Ortiz-Magro might be used to one-punching any foes that cross his path, but unfortunately, the latest problem to come his way canít be dealt with using fists. The reality starís publicist announced this weekend that his client has been hospitalized for the always dreaded kidney stones.

According to People, Ortiz-Magro was in Orlando promoting his new line of vodka when he started feeling very uncomfortable. After the pain didnít subside, he checked into a local hospital and was diagnosed shortly thereafter with kidney stones. Hereís a look at a portion of the official statement his rep releasedÖ
"It's a very painful condition, but he's being treated."

Ordinarily, when reality shows are over, fame evaporates very quickly, but thereís something about the personalities from Jersey Shore that people still care about. They were so huge for so long that they wound up actually transcending the show, and that fame has manifested itself in all sorts of strange and lucrative products.

Having kidney stones sucks. Iíve never personally had them, but every single person who has doesnít describe the condition in particularly positive terms. Hopefully for Ronnie, this issue will be able to be handled properly and efficiently during this hospital stint, as to prevent it from becoming a recurring issue.

Weíll keep you updated on Ronnieís condition. Until then, Pop Blendís sincerest thoughts go out to the reality star during his time of need.
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