Shameful: Parents Of A Sandy Hook Elementary Survivor Are Suing Connecticut

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Well, this was only a sad and pathetic matter of time. Proving some people canít cope without a live victim to point the finger at and ideally, wrestle money away from, the parents of a six-year-old girl who overheard violence on the intercom while she sat in another classroom at Sandy Hook have hired a lawyer to sue the state of Connecticut for one hundred million dollars.

According to CBS News, lawyer Irving Pinsky is claiming the lawsuit, which must be approved by the state itself to move forward, is more about Connecticut providing a safe place for its children as opposed to the one hundred million dollars. Obviously, however, since there is a dollar amount, itís at least a little about the money. The Board of Education, the Department of Education and the state education commissioner are all named in the legal filing that accuses the state of not forcing the school to make an efficient safety plan for an emergency such as this.

Should things change in the wake of this massacre? Yes. But Iím not sure thereís a single elementary school in the country that the son of a teacherís aide couldnít talk his way into. Sometimes horrible things happen, and the person responsible isnít those on the periphery who are in charge but instead those who actually committed the horrible atrocity.

Everyone who was inside Sandy Hook Elementary outside of Adam Lanza was a victim that day, and an overwhelming majority arenít pointing fingers in an effort to exploit the traumatic situation for money.
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