Should Chris Brown Pay Frank Oceanís Cousin For The Alleged Beating He Got?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Remember that time Chris Brown and Frank Ocean threw fists at each other during a brawl over a parking spot in West Hollywood? Ocean may have decided to let the matter drop, but apparently, his cousin isnít so willing to forgive. This week, Sha-Keir Duarte procured an attorney and filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified monetary damages related to the beating he allegedly suffered during the much-publicized altercation.

According to TMZ, Duarte claims one of Brownís bodyguards, a man named ďHoodĒ, kicked him more than a dozen times in the stomach and several times in the head. Brown apparently wasnít part of the actual attack, but he allegedly screamed, ďGet that nigger!Ē during the altercation and mocked the supposed victim while he was motionless on the ground. If Duarte is to be believed, the attack permanently disabled him, and he should be compensated for his pain and suffering. Exactly how he might be disabled is unclear.

Of course, thatís Duarteís version of events. Not surprisingly, Brown has his own take on the brouhaha. His publicist released a statement this afternoon denying the pop star employs any bodyguard nicknamed ďHoodĒ. Considering he also denied being responsible for the brawl at the time, thereís no way in hell heíll have any part of making a deal, which means we could be in for quite a legal showdown in the months ahead that could involve court testimony from both Brown and Ocean.

On the one hand, itís easy to believe Brown is responsible for what happened. Not only has he been at the center of numerous violent confrontations in the past, we know for a fact that an altercation did happen between his entourage and Oceanís entourage on the date in question. As such, itís not exactly a big leap to believe one of Brownís hired bodyguards laid a beating on Oceanís cousin during the fight.

On the other hand, however, it seems really suspect that Duarte is suddenly coming forward with these injuries now. Itís been months since the fight happened, and at the time, there werenít any reports of someone being permanently disabled. In fact, Ocean declined to press charges, and itís really hard to imagine he would refuse to press charges if his cousin was truly beaten that badly. Besides, the supposed victim could just as easily have told the police to press charges on his own. Thereís no law that says a random dude canít tell the police he was beaten by a celebís bodyguard.

What do you think? Should Brown fork over some money, or do you think these claims are nothing but hogwash? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

Should Brown Pay Up?


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