Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino built a career off being the most confident guy in the room at any given time. Through bravado and a self-assured demeanor, he briefly won the bodies, not necessarily hearts, of many women and endeared himself to viewers at home who tuned into Jersey Shore to watch his antics. Over the past few months however, he’s been forced to put himself in an uncomfortable and disappointing situation: rehab.

The Situation told MTV News he began taking painkillers during his rise to fame as a way to handle all of the incessant flights and appearances. At first, he thought they were helping, but eventually, he realized they were ruining his life and could potentially lead to a disastrous end.
"You hear stories all the time of celebrities and people just not even waking up ... that could be me, you know?"

In an attempt to stay on the straight and narrow, Sorrentino changed his phone number after finishing his rehab stint and has tried to axe all the people and places in his life who might push him to make wrong decisions. On the upcoming season of Jersey Shore however, fans will probably still see him out at clubs. During his MTV interview with Sway Calloway, he flatly denied he’s ever had a problem with alcohol, insisting he never mixed painkillers with booze and tried to avoid getting drunk because it screwed up his ability to pick up women.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to Sorrentino as he continues to recover.



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