Stevie Wonder Is Heading For Divorce Court

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Stevie Wonder just hit his wife of eleven years, Kai Millard Morris, with divorce papers. More than likely, she wasnít surprised. The documents list the coupleís separation date as almost three years ago, which means they either tried counseling for a really long time or delayed the inevitable for reasons of laziness or outside appearance.

Given Wonderís fame and the assets involved, this case has all the traits needed to turn real ugly. Thankfully, if the singerís early paperwork is any indication, it might be a breeze. His initial documents only ask for joint custody and willingly consent to paying child support and spousal support. Heís also apparently choosing to give his soon-to-be ex-wife some of his larger assets even though he made most of the money prior to marrying her.

According to TMZ, the coupleís two sons are aged ten and seven. Iím sure theyíre very upset about their parents divorcing, but with three years to prepare, they definitely weren't blindsided.

Pop Blendís thoughts go out to Wonder and Morris, as well as the two children. Going separate ways is always tough, but sometimes good things need to fall apart for great things to be built. Hereís to hoping both parents find someone capable of making themselves and more importantly, the children happy in the next few years.
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