You may remember Taran Noah Smith as the loveable youngest child of the Taylor family on Home Improvement. While his on-screen dad has gone on to headline the more recent ABC comedy, Last Man Standing, Smith, now 27, has left the acting world altogether. That fact alone might not be enough for a VH1 retrospective; however, in light of recent news, Smith might be more likely to appear on an episode of Cops than a tribute to nineties TV.

On Wednesday, the actor parked his 1998 Honda Accord in Los Angeles County. Typically, there is nothing unusual about parking a car; however, in this instance Smith haphazardly parked next to a fire hydrant. A nearby police officer noticed the incident and went to investigate, or more likely, award a parking citation. Unfortunately for Smith, the Honda Accord also reeked of marijuana, which led to a little more trouble.

After the police officer searched the car and found a little hash, Smith was taken into custody. According to CBS News, he was officially booked for a DUI and marijuana possession charges and remains at the police station.

While still sad, we probably should have seen this coming since Wilson isn’t around anymore to listen and dole out life advice. Every man needs to hear a stern voice now and again. Pop Blend wishes Smith the best as he deals with this situation, and hopefully, finds a new neighbor that cares.



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