Thomas Haden Church may have played a bad guy in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise, but in reality he’s pretty excited about looking out for members of the human race. Yesterday, Church was the hero of a choking incident, but in true gruff man fashion, he really doesn’t want to talk about it.

On Thursday, Church was dining out for lunch in Los Angeles, when he saw a man choking at a nearby table. Without further ado, the “We Bought a Zoo“ actor hopped up and proceeded to dislodge the food from the man’s throat using the Heimlich Maneuver. The choking man totally made it through the incident O.K., thanks to the 52-year-old actor's efforts. TMZ actually caught up with Church on the street, but he didn’t seem too keen about discussing the incident, saying he felt that would be “too self-involved.”
“It’s too sensational…I’m just glad the dude’s O.K.”

It’s been a pretty heroic week for actors on both coasts. On August 13, Stephen Baldwin was patronizing a bar when a young woman had an epileptic seizure across the room. Just like Church’s moment of heroism, the youngest Baldwin brother hopped up and helped the lady during her stressful seizure until a medic arrived on the scene.

I knew a lot of male celebrities worked to maintain their brawn, but who knew they also learned practical medical skills in their downtime? There is a lot of bad news tossed out in the universe, but when unexpectedly good moments occur—like when person is willing to save a total stranger’s life--it is nice to hear about it in print.



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