Tilda Swinton is a strange woman. Between strange films and strange reveals, people have come to expect her to constantly surprise, but even given that history, many observers did quite a few double takes this week when she showed up at the Museum of Modern Art and took a nap as part of an exhibit called “The Maybe”.

Back in 1995, Swinton did something similar in London and again the next year in Rome, but this time around, she’s both more famous and more committed. According to The New York Post, Swinton napped during the entire time the museum was open. Encased in a glass box with only a pillow, a mattress, her glasses and a jug of water, she completely zoned out while an uncounted number of people filed past and marveled at her stoic commitment to the project.

If all goes according to plan, Swinton will appear at least two more times at the museum, both on random dates to surprise regular visitors with an unusual show. From her perspective, the exhibit is performance art at its best, an artist laying herself completely bare for the general public to puzzle over. If others are to be believed, however, there’s nothing artistic about this at all. The exhibit is nothing more than a strange famous woman taking a nap and taking herself way too seriously.

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