Hours after pretty much everyone bought into inoperable brain cancer as the reason why beloved director Tony Scott climbed to the top of the Vincent Thomas Bridge and jumped off, there has started to be some push back against the theory. The terminal illness claim was a convenient, easy way to discern cause-and-effect, but fortunately or unfortunately, it might not be true.

According to TMZ, Scott’s wife told investigators her husband didn’t have any medical issues at all when he died, let alone any as serious as cancer. The LA County Coroner’s findings haven’t been made public yet, but sources who know what was found apparently told the outlet no evidence of degenerative brain issues were uncovered. If true, it’s a powerful one-two punch that throws plenty of water onto the inoperable brain cancer claim first put forward by ABC.

At this point, it’s hard to know what to believe. Neither ABC nor TMZ are typically sources who report completely unfounded rumors, especially in matters as large as this. Both are definitely going on sources they trust, but one has to be wrong.

We should hear one way or another on the cancer claim within the next few days, but as for the real reason why Scott decided to end his life, we may never know. And regardless, the far more important concern at this juncture is the director’s family trying to pick up the pieces. Our thoughts go out to them in this time of need.



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