We’re all used to political sex scandals. The world’s elite politicians can’t go an entire year without someone being caught with his or her pants down, but drug scandals among the same crowd still carry a little bit of shock value. Remember when Washington DC mayor Marion Barry was arrested for smoking crack cocaine? Well, he finally has some company in that sordid club.

Sometime in the past six months, Toronto mayor Rob Ford was reportedly caught on video smoking crack with a group of drug dealers. Recently, the unidentified person in possession of the tape reached out to The Toronto Star and Gawker. Reporters from both outlets were shown the video in its entirety and allegedly offered a chance to buy the footage for six figures. To date, no one has come up with the money required to take the clip public, but alas, the story of its existence has raced around the web.

If the stories from the reporters who saw the clip and talked to the drug dealers are to be believed, the footage is evidence not only of Ford’s enjoyment of crack cocaine but also evidence of a larger crack cocaine ring servicing many of the mightiest men and women in Toronto. Exactly who else might be a part of said ring is unclear, but given the Ford footage, there’s no telling how high or wide the operation might stretch.

Ordinarily, I think what people do behind closed doors, provided it doesn’t affect others, is largely their business, but when it comes to politicians, their decision-making ability and clarify of mind are of the utmost importance.



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