WTF Is This Stop Motion Sorcery And Why Hasn't Hollywood Done It?

By Mick Joest 2 years ago
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Thereís really no way to prep you for what youíre about to see. A Girl Named Elastica, in literal terms, is a stop motion short video made with a rubber bands, thumb tacks, and a cork board. Itís so much more than that though. Iíve seen a lot of stop motion in my day, but this one, itís just on another level. Really when you sit down and analyze it, the work and creativity shown in this short time rivals some of the big things we see rolling out of Hollywood today.

On paper, we've seen a lot that should trump this video. For crying out loud, I saw The Raid reenacted with claymation cats. I still think this beats that and I canít fully explain why! Iím watching this video and the whole time I feel as though Iím experiencing something I saw in a dream. As Iím writing this, Iím on my third watch and Iím still having trouble really finding the words to what Iím feeling. You may be sitting there thinking ďpshhh whateverĒ but please hear me out.

So who comes up with an idea that showcases a rubberband girl who, seconds after exiting an elevator, bounces off a wall and catapults through what Iím guessing is a brick wall and then is like ďROAD TRIPĒ and sheís a car. She then drives from Egypt, to Paris, to San Francisco, to Las Vegas to gamble and wins a lot of money to buy a boat. Somehow the boatís maiden voyage takes place on the Atlantic Ocean and capsizes as sheís trying to convince her mother sheís at a friend's house. Of course she ends up on an island after a shark attack and immediately hops from a Jaws reference to a Castaway reference.

Not even Tom Hanks, however, can escape a deserted island through the use of a palm tree that projects him into space. Elastika does and then gets to space where thereís a fireworks show, only to jump on a rocket that turns into balloons and fly through more space, land on the moon, and then hop off like itís no big deal.

Can we agree that stop motion artists are some of the most creative minds working in the industry today? I just imagine Guillame Blanchet (the creator of the short) looking up from his freshly written script and saying ďyes I think Iíve done it, but letís throw in some blooper reels with a pervy director.Ē Hatís off to him for this video. Iíd like to think Iím creative, but in no way do I imagine Iím creative enough to do what he did with what he had in three in a half minutes time. So what does it all mean?

Nothing. Itís just a movie, within a movie, and Elastika is an elastic actress just reading the script and doing her part. TRIPPY RIGHT?! Also watching those legs move gives me the creeps, but the level of detail to make it look legitimate is impressive.

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Hollywood, make a movie like this for my future children to cry in confusion over.
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