Wade Robson: Should His Court Battle Be Open To The Public?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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The general publicís interest in Michael Jacksonís personal life was seemingly insatiable during the singerís life, and now that heís gone, the desire to pull back the curtain hasnít really ebbed. Consequently, many media outlets are pushing for Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff to unseal Wade Robsonís molestation allegations against Jacksonís estate.

Given both sides have already publically said they would like to keep everything behind closed doors, most observers thought Judge Beckloff would cater to that request, but apparently, thatís not such a slam dunk. In fact, according to Fox News, it now seems like he may cater to the general public and make all but the most graphic and sensitive material open for anyone to read.

On the one hand, thereís something fitting about there being an openness to this case. Both Jackson and Robson made their livings in the public eye, and if Robson wants to make some money off the deceased singerís estate, he should probably have to be open about what heís claiming happened. Besides, he already called Jackson a pedophile on Today; so, it only makes sense the defense would also be on the record. On the other hand, however, thereís something strange about trying a case in the public eye when no one actually involved with the case wants it to be made public. After all, if Jacksonís Estate and Robson both want silence, why is the will of the public more important?

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Should Details Of The Trial Go Public?


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