Watch This Car Camouflaged In Sea Foam Almost Hit People

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Extreme cases of sea foam might be more likely to generate giggles than terror, but that doesnít mean the weather abnormality doesnít have its own unique drawbacks. For the past few days, parts of Australiaís Sunshine Coast have been blanketed with the white substance, and the epidemic has caused plenty of problems in the form of camouflaged cars.

Take a look at these two police almost get hit by one of these terrifying vehicles belowÖ

Itís really scary how this car just appears out of nowhere. Even when youíve already seen the video and know itís coming, itís still hard to pick out the exact spot it appears from, which is why people should not be driving when thereís this much sea foam on the ground. Itís like ten to fifteen times worse than ice, which isnít such a picnic in and of itself.

The sea foam is created when powerful storms push the water into the air. It becomes sea foam and eventually lands on the beach or even further from the ocean. In small quantities, itís a fun curiosity, but in large quantities, well, the video does a pretty good job of explaining why that sucks.
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