Police officers might be given great power, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from very human emotions. During training, they’re taught to stifle those feelings. Unfortunately, burying the emotions doesn’t always work, as one North Carolina police officer recently found out during the road rage incident in South Carolina shown in the video above.

The officer in question is Deputy Craig Culpepper, and the man taking the video is Chad Walton. The latter was on his way home when he noticed Culpepper slowing down traffic by driving ten miles an hour under the speed limit. He began recording the incident, and eventually, he passed the officer in the far right lane. Unfortunately, not long after that happened, the officer swerved around the other side, passed the motorist taking video and slammed on his brakes, causing a minor accident. 911 was called, some kind of chase ensued, and all involved wound up in a parking lot where a hell of an argument ensued.

According to ABC News 4, Walton, who allegedly has a history of filming police officers and a sketchy past of prior arrests, posted the footage on YouTube, and Culpepper was later given the option by his superiors to resign or accept a transfer. He decided to resign.

Being a police officer is not an easy job. You have to deal with people taking dumps in your car, people not cooperating in investigations they asked to be launched and the occasional naked climber. None of it is simple and much of it is stressful, but by putting on that uniform, an officer has to strive to be above the fray. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen here.



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