Popular German YouTube personality DJ Flula might be best known for his hysterical monologues about confusing English language phrases, but his newest effort isn’t a solo piece. In fact, he enlisted the help of his parents to help him generate a strange and badass cover of “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes, and it’s currently jogging around the Internet at better than a brisk pace.

With mom at the wheel and dad in the backseat with an accordion, the family drove around Germany recording themselves redefining the term “Auto-Tune”. The footage from multiple cameras was then edited together in a fun way featuring a lot of split screens, and the final result was put onto the Internet. You can take a look at the bizarre effort below…

I think my favorite part about this video is Flula’s mother stopping the car an obnoxious number of feet in front of her family members. That bizarre empty space really sets the tone for how outlandish this entire cover is. I approve, however, because the play on auto-tunes is really funny, and apart from Weird Al Yankovic, we really don’t get to hear enough accordion recordings. It’s an underrated instrument.



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