A high percentage of basketball games feature at least one desperate heave from half court or further while time is running down in one of the four quarters. Now and again, one of those crazy prayers actually goes in and gets a few airings on SportsCenter. To my knowledge, however, none of those miracle shots ever looked quite like this.

With time running down in the third quarter, Lewis-Palmer High School’s Anna Olson took a pass at her own free thrown line, turned and threw a one-handed fastball toward the basket. Fortunately or unfortunately, it didn’t make it all the way there, but thanks to a miracle bounce, it wound up going in the basket anyway. Check out footage of the crazy incident below…

More than two hundred thousand people have watched that clip in the last few days, and if my own reaction plus the comment section is any indication, an overwhelming majority of viewers were left with the same question: wait…does that count as a two-pointer or a three-pointer? The officials reportedly scored it as a three ball, but many are convinced because the bounce occurred within the arc, it should have only been worth two. Luckily, Olson and her teammates wound up winning by eight; so, the scoring concern really wasn’t important.



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