A few days ago, Russian YouTube user Bloknotrostov was minding his own business at a gas station when he spotted a crazy vehicle fueling up next to him. With a large propeller on the back and a giant flappy contraption on the top for balance, it looked like an early discarded Wright Brothers drawing. Luckily for all of us, he decided to film the contraption.

Slowly making his way out of the gas station, the mystery driver of the bizarre vehicle waited until the coast was clear on a nearby highway, then abruptly turned the propeller on, rapidly increased speed and took off straight into the air.

Check out the craziness below…

This vehicle might be ugly as sin, but I’m pretty sure most of us wish we had the mental competence required to build our own aircraft. Having the ability to head down to a gas station, fill up and suddenly soar into the air would be incredible. That being said, anyone in America would probably be pulled over immediately, which adds a serious pro to the living in Russia column.

Somewhere, Charles Lindbergh is looking down and smiling.



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