Apart from pornography and memes of celebrities making ugly faces, there are few things Internet users collectively love more than touching animal rescues. If something is risked in order to save a dog or cat in danger, footage of it will eventually find a wide audience, and never has a clip been more proof of that than this one.

More than two years ago, some Russian sailors spotted a dog floating on a piece of ice in the frigid water. Without help, the poor animal surely would have frozen to death; so, the good Samaritans came up with a plan and video taped it. The footage was quickly placed online, and finally, after all this time, people are starting to become aware of its existence. Check out the footage below…

To me, this video is a perfect representation of both the pros and cons of dogs. On the one hand, dogs are pretty impulsive, and they don’t always have the best common sense, which is why one of them could get stuck on an ice block in the freezing water. On the other hand, this dog seriously could have died, and yet, twenty seconds after he’s removed from the water, he’s already playing with the other dogs and having a grand old time. We could all use an optimistic best friend.



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