Over the past five decades or so, the basketball played over in Europe has steadily improved. From the Soviet’s (highly questionable) win at the 1972 Olympics to players like Dirk Nowitzki learning the game and eventually moving to the United States, the quality is certainly on the upswing. That being said, it’s still not quite the National Basketball Association, as evidenced by this hilarious mistake currently making the rounds.

In a game earlier this week, a player from the Russian Basketball League mistook his coach for one of his teammates and intentionally passed the ball out of bounds into Gundars Vetra’s hands. The coach quickly fired it back in play, but the referees and the fans weren’t fooled. Take a look at the humorous video below…

You can tell the poor guy realizes his screw-up immediately by the way he bends over. Luckily for him and his annoyed coach, their team was still able to get their acts together and pull out the victory, rendering the mishap one that can be fully appreciated and laughed at in good conscience. That being said, I’m sure the other members of the team will still bring this up whenever anyone is in need of a good laugh.



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