In the most recent situation lending credence to the great debate that dogs are greater than cats, recently, a 7-year-old husky traipsed across multiple lanes of traffic and through several dangerous road situations to find the hospital his owner was being treated in. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.

Last week, the dogs owner, John Dolan, had to be hospitalized in Bay Shore, New York in order to treat a skin condition. Though he was only gone for a few days, his dog, Zander, was disconsolate. The smart pup eventually evaded Dolan’s wife, and snuck out of the family’s home, in a journey very much like the one the family pets take in Homeward Bound. One long two-mile trek later, a hospital worker found the dog waiting eagerly outside the building.

In order to get there, Fox News NY is reporting Zander had to go under a parkway and cross a huge highway in order to reach his destination, which means he was pretty determined. After being retrieved the first time, the white husky made another attempt only a few days later. Neither rain nor snow would have stopped the pup from reaching the person he trusts the most. Dolan is now home and Zander is far more relaxed, but his journey just goes to show you how far some dogs are willing to go for their owners and how close the bond between a human and canine can be. Take that, cat people.



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