How 30 Rock Taught Me To Be A New Yorker image
I moved to New York, in the way many of us did, because of television. Not just the lure of the Sex and the City lifestyle or the Seinfeld wit, but the basic "this is the center of the universe" promise, from years of watching the ball drop in Times Square or the daily gaggle waving at the Today show in Rockefeller Center
Katey Rich 2013-01-30
Ben & Jerry's To Introduce 30 Rock Ice Cream Flavor image
While 30 Rock fans will be saying goodbye to the series this week, Ben & Jerry’s is making sure that there’s still something to celebrate. They’ll be releasing a new ice cream flavor in honor of 30 Rock at a finale viewing party in New York City.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2013-01-29
30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 11 - A Goon's Deed in a Weary World image
For the penultimate episode of 30 Rock we again get a stripped down story and a couple of final pieces are moved into place that, which in hindsight, seemed inevitable. Jack is looking for his replacement to head NBC, but his first order of business as C.E.O. is to return Kenneth to his position of page.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-01-25
30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 10 - Florida image
As 30 Rock creeps closer and closer to its finale, it just keeps getting stronger and stronger. I think 30 Rock is shaping up to have one of the strongest final seasons for a sitcom ever and I think they might have delivered my favorite episode yet of the year. Line for line the episode was almost entirely quotable.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-01-18
Jimmy Fallon Interviews The Cast Of 30 Rock: Watch Tracy Morgan Sing Boyz II Men image
The stories shared during the special episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon ranged from the 30 Rock wrap party getting all Caligula which, of course, resulted in Tracy Morgan getting somebody pregnant (this time Alec Baldwin) to much more tame tales like Tina Fey talking the origins of the show. Joining Fey, Morgan and Baldwin for the chat were co-stars Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer, and Fallon does a good job squeezing some interesting anecdotes from all the guests not to mention a song from Tracy.
Jesse Carp 2013-01-11
30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 9 - Game Over image
30 Rock seems to be setting up its final run of episodes with a game for the throne of CableTown between Jack and heir apparent Kaylie. Another signal things are coming to an end is every big guest star is back, Leo Spaceman is appointed Surgeon General of the U.S., Chloe Moretz is back as Kaylie, Will Arnett is plotting with her as Banks and Steve Buscemi is on the case for Jack to try and bring the heir down.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-01-11
Nancy Pelosi To Cameo In 30 Rock Finale image
With 30 Rock drawing to a close at the end of the month, NBC has a special hour-long episode planned, and the network is bringing some guest stars to pepper throughout those extra minutes of run time. Today, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced she will be making a cameo during 30 Rock’s finale, which will air on January 31.
Jessica Rawden 2013-01-04
Our TV Wishlist For 2013 image
It's that time of year again! The big guy's making a list and checking it twice, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to share our own personal TV-related wishlist in anticipation of the coming new year. Between new and returning shows, not to mention a couple of series drawing to a close, there's so much potential for great television in the new year and we're especially hopeful that our holiday dreams come true this year.
CB Staff 2012-12-12
30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 8 - My Whole Life Is Thunder image
30 Rock spends the episode after Liz's wedding dealing with the Jenna fallout and says goodbye to one of the series best regulars. Liz's nuptials were a surprise for just about everyone the next day at TGS, none more than Jenna who was planning to have her own surprise wedding that very day on the show with Paul L'Astname; yes, that is his last name.
Zac Oldenburg 2012-12-07
30 Rock Series Finale And Do No Harm's Premiere Date Set For The Same Night In January image
NBC is making it a common occurrence to pair the ending of one popular program with the debut of a new series. Next month, we'll get an early look at the network's new midseason comedy 1600 Penn, which will air following the final performance episode of The Voice, and come January, we'll see the premiere of Do No Harm, which will debut immediately following the final episode of 30 Rock.
Kelly West 2012-11-30
30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 7 - Mazel Tov, Dummies! image
Liz Lemon is getting married and she doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, at least she doesn’t think she does, and the results are pretty spectacular. Liz has a chance encounter with her old flame Dennis who now has a kid through adoption since he is married. The idiot that is Dennis was considered more adoption worthy than Liz because he got a ring and it is driving her crazy.
Zac Oldenburg 2012-11-30
30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 6 - Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy image
30 Rock put together a silly and hilarious episode this week that sees the possible end of Hazel and the rise of Jack Donaghy. No not that Jack Donaghy, Aunt Phatso’s archnemesis Jack Donaghy. Who’s Aunt Phatso? That’s Tracy’s latest Tyler Perry rip…oh it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the two get entangled in a power struggle that leads to the brilliance that is a four hour rendition of the Sanford and Son theme.
Zac Oldenburg 2012-11-16
30 Rock Has A Wedding Planned For Liz Lemon In Season 7 image
30 Rock is partway through Season 7, and Liz Lemon may finally, ultimately end up with the man, well, maybe not of her dreams, but very much within the bounds of a comfortable reality. Lemon’s popular character, portrayed by Tina Fey, has been dating Criss Chross for over a season, now, and apparently the organic hot dog truck owner really lights her fire, at least enough that she’s set to tie the knot with the young man during the series’ November 29 episode.
Jessica Rawden 2012-11-15
30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 5 - There's No I In America image
30 Rock finishes its political two parter with a much more successful half hour of comedy after a lot of set up took up most of part one. If you missed last week’s episode, Jenna’s Jimmy Buffett rip off of a song gains her a cult following in Northern Florida that will ultimately decide the election.
Zac Oldenburg 2012-11-01
30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 4 - Unwindulax image
30 Rock gets political this week and hits far more than it misses as it has a lot of fun with both political parties. Jack is running a fundraiser and he “invites” Liz to fill in for his Mexican sideline reporter girlfriend who is on pelvic rest. Liz, blinded by the free shrimp, doesn’t realize she was a liberal prop for Jack to encourage higher donations to his super PAC and they end up making a bet over who can influence the most voters; Liz through words, J
Zac Oldenburg 2012-10-26
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