Smallville's Erica Durance Cast in Canadian TV Pilot image
It happened people. Smallville is no more. It's time for everyone to move on... So what do Clark and Lois do now? Well, it seems like Erica Durance has found her next project. It's back to the Canadian small screen for the native Albertan.
Jesse Carp 2011-06-01
Heroes' Mark Verheiden Set to Co-Write NBC's Dark Tower Series  image
There’s some good news pertaining to the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. It was announced today that Mark Verheiden has been signed on to co-write the NBC TV series alongside Akiva Goldsman.
Kelly West 2011-04-12
Lex Luthor Confirmed For Smallville Finale image
Lex Luthor back on Smallville is as natural as hot dogs at the ballpark.
Steve West 2011-02-11
Smallville Teaser Poster Hints That Tom Welling May Finally Put On The Cape image
This year will see the completion of the tenth and final season of Smallville. Since first airing in 2001, fans have watched Tom Welling as Clark Kent grow into the person that would eventually become
Eric Eisenberg 2011-01-04
Smallville Review: Final Season Premiere image
There are no major spoilers in this review. But if you absolutely don’t want to know what happens at all in the season ten premiere of Smallville then you probably shouldn’t be on the internet.
Steve West 2010-09-23
2010 Fall TV Premiere Schedule image
We’re at the midway point of August and while that might mean the countdown to cooler weather and the return to school or work has already begun for some, it also means we’re just a few weeks away from the start of the new TV season. Up ahead is the primetime schedule for the Fall 2010 season.
Kelly West 2010-08-15
Hellcats And Top Model To Kick Off CW's 2010 Fall Season image
The CW announced their 2010 Fall premiere schedule and they're starting the season off by blocking the return of America's Next Top Model with the premiere of one of their new series Hellcats.
Kelly West 2010-06-30
Smallville Reaction: Salvation image
A great opening. It had everything a good finale needs: Perry as editor, Olsen alive, Lois as the Queen of the Daily Planet, and Clark flying in the red and blue as Superman. This sequence was great; it was like a dream
Brandon Williams 2010-05-14
Smallville Reaction: Hostage image
The doorway scene in which Ma Kent see's Pa is really touching and Annette O'Toole shows how you can carry a scene with just superior acting, Erica Durance on the other hand uses cleavage to cover up her so-so acting
Brandon Williams 2010-05-08
Smallville Reaction: Sacrifice image
Chloe discovers Tess in Watchtower and in a moment which is very unlike Tess, she is tricked into thinking the gun she found is empty. Watchtower goes into lockdown and Tess and Chloe are locked in together. Sounds like we are going to focus on Chloe again: snooze-fest
Brandon Williams 2010-05-01
Smallville Reaction: Charade image
All right! The episode starts with Erica Durance in a skanky bunny costume. Last week, Smallville keeps a villain alive for once and now this. Someone up top has been listening to me. While I'm on a roll, I hope we see Lobo show up and duke it out with the Blur
Brandon Williams 2010-04-23
Smallville Reaction: Upgrade image
My problems with tonight's episode are gonna sound like fanboy whining. Metallo knows what the Blur looks like, so how long 'til he knows who Clark is? I'm glad that Metallo stayed alive and we see more Brian Austin Green, but didn't he want to be Green Lantern on the show?
Brandon Williams 2010-04-16
Smallville Reaction: Checkmate image
This weeks episode was great, it had everything that a good episode needs. It was heavily character driven and really focused on some key characters. the rundown is that green Arrow gets kidnapped by Tess, who escapes before they learn he is Oliver Queen. Waller shows just how bitchy she can be and I must say, Pam Grier is perfect for the role
Brandon Williams 2010-04-09
This Week In Television: 3.29 - 4.4 image
The world of television is ever changing. Mostly having to do with reality stars and their “will they, won’t they” contract signing drama. But there’s a lot going on each week in TV, and not all of it’s good
Steve West 2010-04-05
Smallville Reaction: Escape image
Chloe, after hearing there are wolves in the woods decides to go for a walk alone in said wolf infested-woods, next thing she sees is a ghostly outline of a woman with glowing eyes. Time to turn back? No, Chloe ventures forth until she herself comes face to face with this week's villain
Brandon Williams 2010-04-02
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