The League Promotes Season 4 With RG3, Golden Tate And More NFL Stars image
It's almost too bad that FX's The League is starting so soon. Wait! Here me out! It's just that the extra time would allow the fantasy football-based comedy to work the current NFL season into the show's fourth because the former has certainly provided more than enough fodder for the sitcom. The replacement referees, and their embarrassment of riches, may not make an appearance this year on The League...
Jesse Carp 2012-09-25
The League Season 4 Promos Feature Terrell Suggs And Tebowing image
Football fan or not, The League is one of the best comedies on TV. Of course, knowing a little about the sport helps, and playing in fantasy league yourself puts you firmly inside the inside jokes, but neither is essential to enjoying the small group of friends backstabbing and sabotaging each other in hopes of being Shiva Bowl Champion. FX recently released a few promos featuring Terrell Suggs as well as the group 'Tebowing' to start advertising the upcoming fourth season.
Jesse Carp 2012-09-18
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 8 And The League Season 4 Premiere Dates Set image
We already knew the return dates for a couple of FX's original series this fall, but the network has filled in the blanks, laying out the schedule for when their returning comedies and dramas (and The Ultimate Fighter Fridays) will make their fall debut. And it all starts with the roar of a motorcycle as Sons of Anarchy has its fifth season premiere set for next week.
Kelly West 2012-09-04
Top 10 Male TV Characters Of 2011: Strong, Cunning, Amusing And Sometimes Kind Of Scary image
Yesterday, we gave you our list of Top 10 Female Characters of 2011. Today, itís all about the men and looking back over the course of the year, itís not difficult to appreciate the excellent male characters that had us coming back for more, week after week. Our list includes a meth cook, a crafty Lannister, a software genius, and a dad/former-POW/potential terrorist.
CB Staff 2011-12-29
FX Renews The League For Season 4 image
FXís series The League pulled off another win for itself. The comedy series is currently in its third season and word is, fans can look forward to even more as the cable network has picked the series up for Season 4.
Kelly West 2011-12-13
The League Season 3 Review: It's Game On Once Again For FX's Comedy Series image
Itís game on for FXís comedy series The League, which returns tomorrow night for its third season. Whatís in store for Pete, Kevin, Ruxin, Andre, Taco and Jenny? A guest appearance by Seth Rogen, for one thing, not to mention some nasty (and funny) shenanigans as the new season kicks off.
Kelly West 2011-10-05
Comic-Con 2011 Interview: Paul Scheer Discusses NTSF:SD:SUV:: And The League image
Paul Scheer is all over the place lately, and thatís a good thing for movies, TV and comedy in general. Amidst a flurry of projects, he stopped in at Comic-Con to participate in the Adult Swim panel, which showcased his upcoming comedy series NTSF:SD:SUV::. Thatís National Terrorist Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle, in case you were wondering. Scheer sat down with me to talk about the show, as well as his other numerous projects.
Kelly West 2011-07-23
FX's The League Has A Lot Riding On Possible NFL Shutdown image
To protest the swift injustice to The Leagueís writing team, FX has put together some promo videos explaining why the NFL needs to get its shit together come fall. Most of these promo commercials are rational, but some of them are animalistic complaints from members of The League.
Jessica Grabert 2011-06-17
The League Review: Season 2 Delivers More Laughs image
Iím really not much of a sports person in general but this doesn't prevent me from enjoying FXís comedy The League. The series is funny and fortunately, while football knowledge and/or appreciation is probably a plus, it certainly isnít required.
Kelly West 2010-09-15
The League Preview: Season 2 Game On image
We have some teasers for the new season that should give you a taste of whatís to come from the football-loving group of friends. For those of you, like me, who donít care so much about sports and just want a good laugh, the series has more to offer than sports jokes.
Kelly West 2010-09-04
2010 Fall TV Premiere Schedule image
Weíre at the midway point of August and while that might mean the countdown to cooler weather and the return to school or work has already begun for some, it also means weíre just a few weeks away from the start of the new TV season. Up ahead is the primetime schedule for the Fall 2010 season.
Kelly West 2010-08-15
FX Picks Up The League For A Second Season image
While FXís new comedy series is set to close out itís first season tomorrow night, following the fifth season finale Itís Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the network announced today that theyíre picking up the show for a second season.
Kelly West 2009-12-09
The League Review: Series Premiere image
Not being a fan of football or of the sport in fantasy form, my interest in the series wasnít really piqued but after viewing the first two episodes of the series, Iím here to tell you that it doesnít matter if you care about fantasy football. The show is hilarious.
Kelly West 2009-10-28
The League: 2009 Fall TV Preview image
Later this month FX is set to premiere their new comedy series The League. Based on these promos we have to show you, this is definitely a guy-show. Is that sexist? Ok, to be fair there are probably plenty of women out there who enjoy fantasy-football but it still looks like the humor is definitely going to be more bro-centric.
Kelly West 2009-10-04
FX Orders Two New Comedies image
While FX is probably most well known for their fantastic original drama series (Damanges, Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me), it looks as though the network is readying itself to be known for comedies as well. T
Kelly West 2009-08-20
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