Is The Walking Dead Casting Negan? Here's The Possible Evidence image
When Season 6 of The Walking Dead gets here next month, we know we’ll be introduced to not only a pack of new characters, but the series’ biggest herd of walkers to date. But what happens later? Maybe Negan, if this casting notice can be believed.
Nick Venable 2015-09-04
Fear The Walking Dead: The Big Reason Kim Dickens Almost Said No image
Last Sunday, Fear the Walking Dead have audiences a glimpse into one family’s life before the dead rose and devoured the world, but one major element of that familial unit didn’t sign on for the show.
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-08-28
Fear The Walking Dead Has A Crazy Plan To Find A New Season 2 Character image
This early in the life of Fear the Walking Dead, AMC doesn’t really have to fall back on gimmicks in order to bring in viewers, but they’ve got a nutso idea for how to not only keep audiences interested in the L.A.-based drama in the off-season.
Nick Venable 2015-08-28
The Walking Dead Will Still Feature More Of Andrea Than You Realize image
If you’re a fan of both The Walking Dead TV show and the comic book series, there’s a damned good chance you’ve spent a fair amount of time pondering the changes that were made from the page to the screen. And one of the biggest alterations involves the character Andrea.
Nick Venable 2015-08-25
The Walking Dead Season 6 Has Cast Another Key Comic Character image
As The Walking Dead further explores the Alexandria Safe Zone and the areas surrounding it, audiences will get to meet several new characters in Season 6. Some newcomers will be exclusive to the TV show, and others, like this latest addition, will come straight from the pages of the comic book.
Nick Venable 2015-08-25
Fear The Walking Dead Just Told Us When The Zombie Outbreak Started image
Initially, the premise of a prequel to The Walking Dead sounded like it might reveal many of the series’ basic mysteries, but we seem to continually be left with more questions than answers. We may never know the why or the how of the zombie outbreak, but the eagle-eyed may have just figured out the when.
Dirk Libbey 2015-08-25
Fear The Walking Dead Completely Crushed In The Ratings image
As a spinoff/companion series to one of the most popular shows on TV, Fear the Walking Dead had the potential to bring in The Walking Dead’s massive built-in audience. And holy shit, it did just that, and has already set cable ratings records.
Nick Venable 2015-08-24
Better Call Saul's Biggest Surprise, According To Vince Gilligan image
Although Bob Odenkirk stars on both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, he’s not exactly playing the same character, and that was cause for concern for co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, as they thought viewers would only want to see Saul Goodman.
Nick Venable 2015-08-24
What Fear The Walking Dead Still Won't Tell Us image
Set in Los Angeles when Rick Grimes was stuck in a coma on The Walking Dead, Fear will give us insights into how humanity began to lose its footing. However, this week, showrunner Dave Erickson revealed there’s one thing the series won’t show us.
Jessica Rawden 2015-08-21
Fear The Walking Dead Review: Intense Drama Puts Family Before Zombies image
As a spinoff to the ridiculously successful AMC series The Walking Dead, the companion spinoff Fear the Walking Dead will draw immediate and obvious comparisons, and some will try to point out that this show moves slower than its predecessor. But it doesn't.
Nick Venable 2015-08-21
Why Norman Reedus Picked The Walking Dead Over So Many Other Shows image
By the time The Boondocks Saints II came out in 2009, it seemed like Norman Reedus might not find another part that enraptured fans in the same way. Then along came The Walking Dead. And why did Reedus go with the unproven zombie drama above anything else?
Nick Venable 2015-08-20
Fear The Walking Dead: Watch The Zombies Rise In First 3-Minutes image
We know about the Los Angeles location and the families the show will follow. This morning, however, AMC released the first 3-minutes from the drama, which features carnage, a creepy church and some of the first walkers, ever. You can check it out.
Jessica Rawden 2015-08-20
The Walking Dead: Why Some Fans Think Daryl May Be In Big Trouble This Season image
One has to wonder what it’s like to be Norman Reedus, an actor whose fan favorite character Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead has been the subject of more death theories and rumors than the other 99% of TV characters out there. Here we go again.
Nick Venable 2015-08-19
That Time The Walking Dead Referenced Shaun Of The Dead image
One of the most popular entries in the history of the zombie horror genre, The Walking Dead has a lot of reference points to draw from. Last season, the show paid homage to one of the greatest zombie works in pop culture, Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead.
Nick Venable 2015-08-17
 7 Pictures That Prove The Walking Dead Zombies Get More Disgusting Each Season image
The Walking Dead's effects maestro Greg Nicotero has said for years that the crew is interested in delivering a more subtle evolution of decomposition in the walker population from season to season. So we've rounded up images that exemplify their efforts, leaving out those with obvious physical injuries.
Nick Venable 2015-08-13
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