How Fear The Walking Dead Will Overlap With The Walking Dead's Timeline image
Ever since it was announced that this spinoff would take place in the early days of the zombie apocalypse, fans have been wondering if and when the new series would match up timeline-wise with its predecessor, and Kirkman has put forth an explanation.
Nick Venable 2015-06-05
A Broadway Legend Wants To Be On The Walking Dead image
For a young actor trying to get a leg up in the entertainment industry, getting a spot on a The Walking Dead could make or break a career.And though it probably wouldn't help someone who is already a Broadway icon, that doesn't make it off-limits.
Nick Venable 2015-06-05
The Walking Dead Has Cast A Key Character From The Comics image
As The Walking Dead series makes it’s way through the territory of the comic fans are always on the lookout for their favorite characters as they enter the story of Rick Grimes and his band of survivors. We now have confirmation that another major character will be making his debut on TV.
Dirk Libbey 2015-06-05
Did The Walking Dead's Michael Cudlitz Spoil A Character Death? image
When a show has proven time and again that it has no problem killing off characters, rumors about potential character deaths are a way of fictional life. And this one seems like it might be legitimate, given how Michael Cudlitz handled things. Spoilers are ahead, people!
Nick Venable 2015-06-03
Fear The Walking Dead Adds House Of Cards Star image
We’re over here waiting around more impatiently than Herschel for Spaghetti Tuesday to hear more information about the upcoming Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead. And now we know the newest cast member ready to face the impending zombie apocalypse.
Nick Venable 2015-06-01
The 10 Walking Dead Characters We Miss The Most, Ranked image
Before Season 6 of The Walking Dead gets here and brings the Wolves out to start knocking off characters left and right, we thought we’d take a look back at the fallen and reflect on how much we miss them, both emotionally and from a narrative standpoint.
Nick Venable 2015-05-26
Is The Walking Dead Losing One Of Its Main Characters? image
While huge deaths aren't always a certainty, fans of The Walking Dead tend to anticipate that at least one major character or two will take the fall each season, and rumors are swirling that a particular fan favorite might not be long for the world.
Nick Venable 2015-05-22
The One Mad Men Spinoff Jon Hamm Actually Wants To See image
On Sunday night, the world said goodbye to Don, Betty, Pete, Joan, Peggy and the rest of the Mad Men squad, and Jon Hamm shared some amusing thoughts on who he'd like to see return for a spinoff series in the future.
Nick Venable 2015-05-19
Fear The Walking Dead Adds Another Cast Member image
Much like the casting process went for The Walking Dead, the upcoming companion series Fear the Walking Dead is filling its cast with recognizable faces that aren’t quite major stars. So it goes with their newest arrival.
Nick Venable 2015-05-18
Watch The Final Mad Men Scene In All Its Glory image
Mad Men wrapped up this week, closing out the stories of Don Draper & Co. with a mostly neat little bow, and a bottle of Coke. For those who missed it, or want to revisit the finale moments, which set the course for the characters' ever-afters,
Kelly West 2015-05-18
How Fear The Walking Dead Will Deal With Killing Off Characters image
After months of keeping things hush-hush, Fear the Walking Dead's co-creators Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson have finally opened up with details about the show’s plot and approach to the early days of he zombie apocalypse.
Nick Venable 2015-05-18
What Happened To Huell After The Breaking Bad Finale image
It’s been over a year and a half since Breaking Bad bowed out in style with its fantastic series finale, and while viewers can surmise what happened to the surviving characters, there’s one person whose fate was left entirely in the balance: devoted henchman Huell Babineaux. Until now.
Nick Venable 2015-05-17
Preacher First Look Offers Fans A Pretty Sweet Bedroom image
With filming on the AMC pilot Preacher underway, co-developer Seth Rogen has given fans a photo that teases two of the show’s lead characters in a cool-looking bedroom plastered with posters and other wall decorations.
Adam Holmes 2015-05-15
Fear The Walking Dead: What We Know So Far image
As a spinoff of The Walking Dead, one of the most popular shows on TV right now, Fear the Walking Dead has a name that proves it isn’t trying too hard to differentiate itself from the flagship series. And though AMC has been pretty quiet about details, here's everything we know about the show.
Nick Venable 2015-05-15
The 10 Best Networks On Cable, Ranked image
We’ve culled together several lifetime’s worth of TV viewing, put all the data into a giant 1980s computer, and out popped a list of the 10 greatest cable channels of these modern times.
Nick Venable 2015-05-11
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