First Teaser For TNT's Dallas Shows The Old Blood And The New image
TNT just released the first look at the return/reboot of Dallas so it's time to see what your favorite Texans have been up to these last 20 years... or if you're like me and skew a little younger than the original audience you can find out a little about the characters and what the hell went on in Dallas in the '80s. I mean, why did they have to shoot this JR guy anyway? I think it's something do to with horses and oil.
Jesse Carp 2011-07-12
TNT Taking Us Back To Dallas; Sneak Peeks Tonight During The Closer And Rizzoli & Isles image
Maybe it's just me, I am a generation or two behind the times, but the only thing that Dallas means to me is..."Who Shot J.R.?" I didn't even know who J.R. was, or why someone would want to shoot him, but I do know somebody did (I'm pretty sure it was Maggie Simpson). Despite my generational ignorance, TNT is reviving and updating the former hit for next summer.
Jesse Carp 2011-07-11
Metcalfe And Gonzalo Cast In Dallas Pilot image
Two more actors have signed on for the Dallas pilot and looking at the photos of the people signed on for this show, I’m starting to see a pattern here: They’re all really, ridiculously good looking.
Kelly West 2011-02-10
TNT's Dallas Continuation Starts To Cast image
Jordana Brewster will play a ranch cook's daughter named Elena that falls for both cousins. It's always nice to see a show that writes drama right into the main cast descriptions. I havne't seen a second of this show and already I know there's financial issues, broken hearts and class warfare
Mack Rawden 2011-01-29
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