Doctor Who Heads Into Darkness With Villain-Filled First Season 8 Trailer image
Thankfully, there is official Doctor Who news to get excited about, as the first full-length Season 8 trailer has been jettisoned through time and now appears on your computer or mobile screen, just waiting to make your jaw drop.
Nick Venable 2014-07-13
Doctor Who Season 8 Scripts Leak Online image
Scripts for Peter Capaldi’s brand new Doctor Who season have leaked online. The BBC officially announced the news on Monday, noting that five scripts from the upcoming Season 8 have officially reached the masses on the Internet.
Jessica Rawden 2014-07-07
Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere Date Set, New Teaser Trailer Arrives image
A new season of Doctor Who is always a reason to celebrate, but there is even more buzz surrounding this summer’s premiere, as it marks the rise of a new Doctor, this time played by actor Peter Capaldi. The new actor’s appearance has been a long time coming.
Jessica Rawden 2014-06-27
Doctor Who World Tour Featuring Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman And Steven Moffat Kicks Off In August image
Of course BBC America and BBC Worldwide would want to make the introduction of the new Doctor a big affair, which is why they're launching a global world tour to officially introduce Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Peter Capaldi, who's playing the Twelfth Doctor in the beloved sci-fi series Doctor Who, will be joined by Jenna Coleman...
Kelly West 2014-06-10
Summer TV Shows: 2014 Premiere Schedule  image
The Summer TV season is upon us. With new shows like Extant, Rush and Tyrant -- among others -- joining the lineup, and returning series like True Blood, Doctor Who, Under the Dome, Defiance and Graceland lined up, TV has plenty to offer us this summer.
Kelly West 2014-05-25
Doctor Who Season 8 Teaser Confirms An August Premiere  image
The new Doctor Who lands this August! Or so says the new teaser that BBC America has released, giving fans of the series a silhouetted glimpse of Peter Capaldi's Doctor, reminding fans that the seventh season of Doctor Who closed out with a Christmas Special ("The Time of the Doctor"), that saw the exit of the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, and the arrival of the Twelfth Doctor...
Kelly West 2014-05-23
Doctor Who And Orphan Black Reveal New Characters image
It’s been a very busy few days for the folks over at BBC America. The network has made announcements regarding two of its biggest properties in the past 24 hours. Namely, that a new clone of Tatiana Maslany was set to arrive to Orphan Black, and the addition of a new baddie to wibble-wobble through time and space on Doctor Who alongside new Doctor Peter Capaldi.
Alicia Lutes 2014-03-14
Doctor Who Casts New Recurring Character — Is A New Companion In Our Midst? image
Exciting news, Whovians! Turns out the TARDIS will be built for three in its upcoming eighth season, as actor Samuel Anderson (he of The History Boys and Gavin & Stacey fame) has been tapped to join the cast of Doctor Who. Is this a new companion for the Doctor? A potential love interest for Clara Oswald? So many questions!
Alicia Lutes 2014-02-24
Doctor Who's Karen Gillan To Star In My Fair Lady Modernization 'Selfie' image
Doctor Who's former companion Amy Pond (also known as Karen Gillian) is set to star in Suburgatory creator Emily Kapnek's new series Selfie. A modern take on the classic My Fair Lady trope, the comedy is being produced for ABC. Julie Anne Robinson will direct.
Nick Venable 2014-02-21
Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who Costume Revealed: 12 Questions About Twelve's New Look image
Hold onto your TARDIS, Whovians, because the era of Twelve not only has a face, but a brand new get-up to usher in the latest iteration of the man behind BBC’s iconic sci-fi series, Doctor Who. The upcoming eighth season of the series will be fronted by Peter Capaldi in a grown-up, no frills punk-esque fashion, if the new image of his costume has any say on the matter. There's a lot more going on outside of those stern eyes and ill-colored kidneys.
Alicia Lutes 2014-01-27
Sherlock Ideas Set For Seasons 4 And 5, Matt Smith Crossover Not Impossible image
Though stateside the premiere is still a few days out, the BBC’s Sherlock is set to close out its third season on Sunday across the pond. But that doesn’t mean the wheels haven’t been turning for a confirmed fourth and hypothetical fifth season of the international megahit. In fact, the series’ showrunner Steven Moffat revealed that stories have been set for both seasons. Rejoice, nerds of the world: your favorite hyper-brilliant misanthrope has been given an extended gameplan.
Alicia Lutes 2014-01-09
Doctor Who Releases First Image Of Peter Capaldi On Set image
Suited up in Matt Smith’s finest, Peter Capaldi took to the stages of the BBC in Cardiff on Tuesday to begin filming the eighth season (or series for all you Brits out there) of Doctor Who. And it's quite exciting! Because time waits for no man — not even a Time Lord — plus, oh yeah: there’s a show to create. It is finally, officially, the era of the Twelfth Doctor.
Alicia Lutes 2014-01-07
Doctor Who Deleted And Behind-The-Scenes Videos Soothe The Loss Of Matt Smith image
It’s so hard to let go of the past, especially when it’s happening in the present (oh that timey-wimey business). Fortunately, Doctor Who fans needn’t look too far to soothe their raw souls at the exit of Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, as a deleted scene from "The Time of The Doctor" has been released. It’s a Christmas miracle on Boxing Day! Prepare yourselves accordingly with a couple extra Jammy Dodgers for the eating of feelings.
Alicia Lutes 2013-12-26
Doctor Who Christmas Special 'The Time Of The Doctor' Watch: Stripped To Its Core image
What a bittersweet Christmas. The holiday send-off for Matt Smith was both a reflection on his time — the fondest of farewells for one of the most beloved Doctors — and a rule-breaking send-off into a whole new world of Doctor Who. With a new face and a few ill-colored kidneys, Peter Capaldi capped off an episode that said goodbye to the old Who the way we all come into the world: naked and screaming. We're going to miss you Matt, but wow — what a road set out ahead of us.
Alicia Lutes 2013-12-25
Doctor Who's Regeneration Will Be A Christmas Miracle Because It's Impossible image
When it comes to television, no show is more obsessed with rules and order than BBC’s iconic space-and-time traveling series, Doctor Who. The humanoid Timelord alien cheats death every so often thanks to a process called regeneration. But like all things that outlive the rules that govern them, sometimes things have to change, and for Doctor Who, we are upon its hour of justification: because there’s a new Doctor coming to town during the Christmas Special, “The Time of The Doctor,” but that shouldn’t be possible.
Alicia Lutes 2013-12-24
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