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Watch Queen Elizabeth II Visit HBO's Game Of Thrones Set image
As it turns out, Game of Thrones has some very relevant news, thanks to a visit from a very important British Monarch. Recently, the Queen of England popped over to see the set of HBO’s hit series, and on Monday The Buzz and Game of Thrones released a cool behind-the-scenes video documenting the event.
Jessica Rawden 2014-06-30
The Leftovers Trailer Previews The Dark, Fiery And Dramatic Weeks Ahead image
If you thought the premiere of HBO's The Leftovers was dark and/or weird, take a look at the preview above, which shows what's coming up in the weeks ahead. Things are apparently about to get darker and weirder. And there will be lots of different kinds of fire. Building fire. Cremation fire. Feet fire. Finger-burning fire. All kinds of fire. Also Penguins.
Kelly West 2014-06-30
Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Tease, Where No One Goes Quietly  image
Even though it didn't kill in the ratings, Boardwalk Empire was one of the best shows on TV last year and HBO's bootlegging drama will be back for its fifth and final season this September. The first look doesn't show too much footage but the choice quotes should still get fans excited.
Jesse Carp 2014-06-30
The Leftovers Series Premiere: Two Parts Seething Drama, One Part WTF Is This image
Here is where I’d usually stick a warning about spoilers, but let’s be honest here. Given the way information is barely delivered by HBO’s newest drama The Leftovers, I don’t think I could spoil anything even if I tried.
Nick Venable 2014-06-30
Game Of Thrones Actor Shares A Big Update About Lady Stoneheart image
This article contains spoilers for those who haven't read George R.R. Martin's 'A Storm of Swords,' the third novel in 'A Song of Ice and Fire.' But, since it looks like the event and/or character in question may never appear in Game of Thrones, reading this recent piece of news might not actually 'spoil' anything. Or maybe, you simply don't care and just want to see what all the fuss was about after the finale.
Jesse Carp 2014-06-27
Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Welcome You To Project Greenlight Season 4 image
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have taken time away from creating mega-blockbusters to make the video above, announcing to the world (or at least the U.S. part of the world) that video submissions will be accepted from July 24 through August 8. Might I suggest a summer shark movie, perhaps called Mandibles?
Nick Venable 2014-06-25
True Blood Season 7 Premiere Episode Total Viewership Up From Season 6 Premiere image
The numbers are in for Sunday night's Season 7 premiere of True Blood, and it looks like the final season's premiere has come out ahead of the Season 6 premiere, at least when factoring in the gross audience for Sunday night's episode, "Jesus Gonna Be Here."
Kelly West 2014-06-24
True Blood Season 7 Trailer Teases The Drama In The Weeks Ahead image
Spoilers if you haven't watched the Season 7 premiere of True Blood! The final season of True Blood has begun and it already has a body count! Heed the spoiler warning, as we're about to talk specifics about tonight's Season 7 premiere of True Blood and what the preview for "In the Weeks Ahead" has revealed!
Kelly West 2014-06-22
Binge Watch Silicon Valley Instead Of Going To The Movies image
If you’ve already seen this summer’s best comedies or simply want to skip a trip to the theater, one of the funniest ‘films’ this year is available to binge-watch on television HBOGo. So Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley may not technically be a movie but its total runtime, with only eight episodes in the first season, is less than some of cinema’s longer efforts. And instead of one intermission, it has seven. Not that you’ll want to take them.
Jesse Carp 2014-06-20
True Blood Season 7: A Look Back And A Look Ahead image
Now, as the countdown for the new season of True Blood is getting closer to showtime, HBO is attempting to garner a little more interest through seven—yes seven—brand new videos highlighting Season 7. Can you feel the excitement? Let’s take a look at what we know leading into Season 7 and what HBO is teasing with these last minute promos.
Jessica Rawden 2014-06-20
Game Of Thrones Sets More Piracy Records And Gets A Brady Bunch Theme Parody image
When it comes to setting records for things, HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones is something of a professional. Sunday’s Season 4 finale, “The Children,” was one of the series’ highest-rated episodes and took very little time at all to become the most pirated TV show in history.
Nick Venable 2014-06-18
Game Of Thrones Watch: Season 4 Finale - The Children image
Happy Father’s Day? Leave it to Game of Thrones to shit all over the nice holiday with its satisfying fourth season finale, aptly named "The Children." Perhaps, 'satisfying' is a bit of an understatement for the impeccably written, acted and directed episode but those who have read the books were pretty sure something was going to happen that didn’t and the actual events, while very well done, couldn't live up to those expectations.
Jesse Carp 2014-06-16
Game Of Thrones Season 4 Finale: Let's Talk About That Ending image
This article obviously contains spoilers from the Game of Thrones Season 4 finale. If you don't want to know which character(s) met their demise during tonight's episode, read no further!
Kelly West 2014-06-15
Watch Game Of Thrones' Hodor Attempt To Play Family Feud image
As you can probably imagine, Game of Thrones' Hodor would be pretty terrible at Family Feud. Ok, in truth, Hodor would probably be bad at any game show that didn't involve all the answers being "Hodor," the one word he ever speaks. But it's still especially funny watching him come up with straight-0s in the final round of Family Feud, as presented to us by Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Kelly West 2014-06-13
Game Of Thrones Wishes You A Happy Father's Day With Some Harsh Words From Dad image
Game of Thrones has been known to feature some really tough dads. So it's fitting that the premium cable channel would release a video, celebrating the approaching Father's Day, which just so happens to coincide with the Season 4 finale of the beloved fantasy drama series. Go ahead and bask in the glow of these memorable father moments.
Kelly West 2014-06-13
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