Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 15 - Thinman image
Can you believe it’s been six seasons since we last saw the Ghostfacers? When I looked that up on the always reliable Supernatural Wiki I was stunned. It feels like just a couple seasons ago when we last saw Harry and Ed messing things up for Sam and Dean with their ineptitude and internet-speak. The web’s foremost supernaturalists (at least in their minds) returned in “Thinman” after a girl was murdered inside her locked bedroom.
Josh Raymer 2014-03-04
The Vampire Diaries, Arrow And Other CW Season Finale Dates Set, Labyrinth To Premiere In May image
The CW's gearing up for the big finish for their current season, and in addition to announcing the season finale dates for shows like The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Supernatural and Star-Crossed, they've also set a premiere date for their airing of the miniseries Labyrinth, which is set to air over two nights, starting May 22.
Kelly West 2014-02-26
Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 14 - Captives image
Welcome back, Supernatural! After an extended “Then” segment that recapped the season’s major storylines, we were thrust back into the turbulent world of Season 9 with a story that started with flickering lights in the Men of Letters bunker. Based on Kevin’s presence in the recap you could guess what was coming next – our dearly departed prophet has taken up ghostly residence in the Men of Letters bunker.
Josh Raymer 2014-02-25
Arrow, The Vampire Diaries And 3 More CW Series Renewed For 2014-2015 image
The CW has passed along some good news for some of their current series, including freshman dramas The Originals and Reign. Both were among the series given early renewals ahead of this Spring's up fronts. Arrow, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries also made the cut.
Kelly West 2014-02-13
Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 11 - The Purge image
After nine seasons a TV show can spend an entire episode focused on the little things. “The Purge” featured small tweaks to the Supernatural formula that were sure to get noticed by diehard fans. There were small changes, like Sam and Dean wearing something other than their shirt/jacket/jeans/boots combo or their federal agent suits. A small detail that made me smile was in the hotel room when Dean was sitting on the bed with two pillows behind his back.
Josh Raymer 2014-02-04
Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 12 - Sharp Teeth image
If you’ve watched Supernatural regularly over the years, you knew the reunion that ended this episode was coming. This show can’t operate more than a couple episodes with Sam and Dean apart so it was only a matter of time before they hit the road in the Impala once more. Something was different this time out, though. Sam said that something is broken between him and Dean and he identifies the source of that fracture a minute later.
Josh Raymer 2014-01-29
Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 11 - First Born image
Even with Sam and Dean separated, Supernatural still managed to capitalize on last week’s momentum and deliver another outstanding episode. We were introduced to Cain, the Father of Murder, in “First Born” as Crowley and Dean tracked down the First Blade, a weapon capable of killing Abaddon. Meanwhile, Sam and Castiel spent some quality time in the Men of Letters bunker extracting grace with very large needles in an effort to track Gadreel.
Josh Raymer 2014-01-22
Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 10 - Road Trip image
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen: quite possibly the great episode of Supernatural I’ve ever seen. You can say I’m being a prisoner of the moment, that there have been episodes of Supernatural far superior to this one and I wouldn’t argue with you. After nine seasons it’s easy to forget the glory days. All I know is that I haven’t felt stakes like that in an episode in a long time (if ever). This was old-school Supernatural in the best way.
Josh Raymer 2014-01-14
100+ Netflix TV Offerings For Binge-Watching Over The Holidays image
It’s that time of year again! TV doesn’t exactly grind to a halt during the holidays, as some networks fill their primetime hours with holiday programming, but most of our favorite TV dramas and comedies will be going on hiatus for the next few weeks, if not longer. Lest you think that means you actually have to step away from the television, rest assured, this is actually a great time of year to watch those shows you’ve been meaning to check out, or lose yourself in a nostalgic binge-watch.
Kelly West 2013-12-09
Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 9 - Holy Terror image
It takes a special kind of show to genuinely shock its audience after nine seasons. Supernatural proved it was that kind of show with its midseason finale “Holy Terror” and a death that I doubt anyone saw coming. I had a hunch as to whose name was on Metatron’s card but I thought Dean would come to the rescue like he always does. It just wasn’t meant to be this time. Dean arrived too late and Kevin paid the price as Gadreel turned out his lights.
Josh Raymer 2013-12-04
Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 8 - Rock And A Hard Place image
Supernatural rebounded this week with a funny episode that featured the return of a fan favorite: Sheriff Jodie Mills. With so few strong female allies left for Sam and Dean, I was relieved that Jodie survived the episode in spite of being chained to a slaughtering table. The villain’s identity was no shocker but the twist that she was the Roman goddess Vesta and not a dragon was fun. This show has been hit-or-miss when it dips into Greek and Roman mythology.
Josh Raymer 2013-11-27
Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 7 - Bad Boys image
Let’s go ahead and get it out there: this episode was lackluster. If not for the peek into Dean’s time at Sonny’s House for Boys, “Bad Boys” would have been one of the most forgettable episodes ever. Thankfully the flashbacks were the focus of this episode and they were really strong. Of the things that Supernatural does well, expanding the history of the Winchester clan is near the top of the list (Samuel Campbell notwithstanding).
Josh Raymer 2013-11-19
Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 6 - Heaven Can't Wait image
After two weeks of filler episodes, Supernatural got back to business with its juicy fallen angel storyline by showing Castiel working at a gas station. While that’s not a direction I envisioned Castiel’s human arc going this season, there was a lot to like about “Heaven Can’t Wait.” There were also some frustrating elements, which we’ll get to in a bit. Let’s start with the best part of this week’s episode: Castiel is back!
Josh Raymer 2013-11-13
Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 5 - Dog Dean Afternoon image
This week’s episode of Supernatural started with a “Then” montage of some of the funniest episodes in series history. The choice was deliberate, as “Dog Dean Afternoon” had the premise of an all-time classic: Dean drifts with a dog (to borrow a term from Pacific Rim) in order to solve a crime. Unbeknownst to Dean, becoming Doctor Dolittle also means taking on the characteristics of a dog. That means playing fetch, scratching behind the ears, barking at the mailman, and even sniffing butts!
Josh Raymer 2013-11-05
Supernatural Watch: Season 9, Episode 4 - Slumber Party image
The Wizard of Oz puns were flowing on this week’s episode of Supernatural as Dorothy and the Wicked Witch were unleashed in the Men of Letters bunker. Charlie, queen of Moondor (we see you Surface tablet background!), joined Sam and Dean in the insanity and ended up stealing the episode in typical Charlie fashion. “Slumber Party” had my head spinning with the number of references and callbacks it crammed into 42 minutes.
Josh Raymer 2013-10-30
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