Veronica Mars And One Tree Hill Creators Back To Work On CW image
From the sound of these upcoming projects, it looks as though The CW may have some worth-watching shows on the horizon. What’s more, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwann are among the people involved with some of these new series.
Kelly West 2009-10-15
2010 Midseason TV Premiere: The Deep End image
One of ABC’s new drama series premiering during the 2010 midseason season is The Deep End. A timeslot and premiere date has yet to be set.
Steve West 2009-05-19
Jason Dohring Guest Stars In This Week's Ep Of Party Down image
I’m already loving Starz’s new comedy series Party Down. In addition to being full of witty dialogue, the series also appears to be a fantastic place for former Veronica Mars stars to reunite. That’s not surprising as VM creator Rob Thomas also happens to be at the helm of Party Down. Fans of Mars will be pleased to know that Jason Dohring (aka Logan Echolls) is set to appear in this week’s episode of Party Down.
Kelly West 2009-03-25
Kristen Bell Is Confirmed To Party Down On Starz image
As if Veronica Mars fans shouldn’t already be excited for the premiere of Rob Thomas’ new series Party Down on Starz (coming in March!), now there’s one more reason to start counting down. Starz announced that Kristen Bell, aka Veronica Mars is set to play a guest role in the series in its first season!
Kelly West 2009-02-18
ABC Greenlights Five New Shows Including New Rob Thomas Series image
It looks like ABC is set to add a handful of new series to their midseason primetime line-up. The network has just greenlit three dramas and two comedies, including a series that will star Nathan “Captain Hammer” Fillion as well as Rob Thomas’ latest TV project (Veronica Mars fans rejoice!).
Kelly West 2008-08-25
Capra And Bell To Reunite On Heroes image
If you’re a total Veronica Mars nerd like I am, then this is some great casting news. Francis Capra (aka Weevil) is set to play a role on the upcoming season of Heroes. Even better? He has at least one scene with Veronica—er, Elle (Kristin Bell).
Kona Gallagher 2008-06-10
Rob Thomas Leaves Beverly Hills Behind image
The upcoming 90210 spinoff just became a little less awesome. Rob Thomas, creator of the dearly (oh so dearly) departed Veronica Mars, has announced that he is stepping down as show runner of the new series. Thomas, who in addition to the 90210 pilot on The CW, has two other pilots in development at ABC, is citing a time crunch as the reason for his departure.
Kona Gallagher 2008-04-15
More Info About The CW 90210 Spin-Off Emerges image
With the success of The CW's Gossip Girl, it's no real surprise that the network is working on another primetime teen soap opera. New details about the Beverly Hills, 90210 spin-off (or rip-off - however you want to look at it) have emerged.
Kelly West 2008-03-19
90210 Spinoff In The Works image
Say the numbers “90210” and you immediately think of Aaron Spelling’s popular 1990s teen soap, Beverly Hills, 90210, which aired on Fox from 1990-2000. Now the CW and CBS Paramount Network TV are developing a fast-track spinoff of the show, with Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas in talks to write the project. How cool is that?! I love Veronica Mars, and hope this show has the same edgy feel. I might actually watch it.
Jane Louise Boursaw 2008-03-13
Top 5 TV Disappointments Of 2007 image
When you have a show that you love, it’s kind of hard not to have high expectations for it. Unfortunately, this can often lead to being insanely disappointed when the series has a bad season. If it’s failing to live up to what it once was, it can be almost painful to tune in week after week. Unfortunately, this happens a lot with TV shows. When it does, all we can do is hope that the series will eventually bring itself back to its original greatness.
Kelly West 2008-01-01
The Clicker Jumps On The Bandwagon image
Generally when it comes to TV shows that are getting a lot of hype, there are three types of people. We have the hypers: These are the people who have been watching the series from the beginning and rave about it constantly. We have the anti-hypers: These are the people who claim to hate the show but haven’t really given it a fair shot and whether they’re willing to admit it or not, dislike the hype more than they actually dislike the series.
Kelly West 2007-12-23
12 Days of Christmas: Veronica Mars - An Echolls Family Christmas image
Now before you go thinking Veronica Mars isn’t going to give you anything in the way of holiday cheer, keep in mind that Weevil strip-searches all of the poker players (Merry…), revealing that Duncan and Logan are wearing matching reindeer boxers (…Christmas!).
Kona Gallagher 2007-12-20
Blend Television's 2007 Holiday Gift Guide image
Thanksgiving is over and it’s officially time to start celebrating the holidays. I know, its still a little too soon for some people to really get into the holiday spirit but if you have a lot of people to shop for, getting a jump on the wishlist is a must-do right now. Some of the other writers here at Blend Television and I thought we’d help you out a by sharing some of our own wishlist items as well as some recommendations that we think you might want to add to your own list.
Blend Television 2007-11-24
Veronica Mars DVD Set Includes The Rejected Season 4 Pilot image
Remember last spring when the fate of the series was up in the air and the show’s creator, Rob Thomas was planning on pitching a new version of the show? His idea was to fast forward through the next couple of years and put Veronica into the FBI. He presented a sample of his idea to The CW but they network didn’t go for it and the show was inevitably canceled.
Kelly West 2007-10-24
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