One Piece Unlimited World Red Gets Punchy On Wii U, 3DS This Week image
Summer is a great time to adopt the pirate lifestyle, so itís a good thing that Luffy and his crew are ready to roll in One Piece Unlimited world Red, the latest game in the long-running series about a mischievous group of scallywags and their ridiculous adventures. You can pick that up on the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS this week, and not much else.
Ryan Winslett 2014-07-11
EA Doesn't See A Lucrative Future For Wii U, 3DS, Vita Games  image
Electronic Arts' Chief Operating Officer, Peter Moore, really let loose a bevy cache of thoughts in a recent interview, discussing and explaining why the company is moving in the direction it's currently headed in.
William Usher 2014-07-01
E3 2014: Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto Digs Into Nintendo 3DS' Story Of Seasons image
During E3 2014, Hashimoto sat down with Gaming Blend to discuss his new game (coming exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS this winter), what makes it similar to past Harvest Moon games, as well as what sets it apart.
Ryan Winslett 2014-06-16
Watch Nintendo's E3 2014 Conference Right Here image
Today, Nintendo will make or break their legacy for the Wii U with a roll out of some big announcements due to drop for the Wii U this fall as well as a roadmap of games set for release in the coming years.
William Usher 2014-06-10
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Gets Collector's Edition, Pre-Order image
Thereís no denying that the Final Fantasy series has one of the most recognizable libraries of songs in the world of video games, including a main theme that has the ability to get many-a nostalgic RPG fanís to claim they ďhave something in their eye.Ē
Ryan Winslett 2014-06-03
Pushmo World Announced For Wii U, Previous Games Discounted image
For fans of the portable íMo games, Pushmo and Crashmo, for the 3DS, you should be excited to learn that the series is finally making the jump to home consoles with a June 19 launch of Pushmo World on the Wii U.
Ryan Winslett 2014-05-29
Story Of Seasons Continues Harvest Moon's Legacy On 3DS image
Planting crops, raising livestock, forming friendships and possibly even a romance or two; itís all in a dayís work for any title in the Harvest Moon series. Now, the spiritual successor to the much-loved life-simulator is set to hit the Nintendo 3DS later this year, itís coming from XSEED Games, and itís called Story of Seasons.
Ryan Winslett 2014-05-28
Moon Chronicles Review: Way Off Target image
In Moon Chronicles, players take on the role of Major Kane, a soldier tasked with exploring a mystery ripped from the pages of Lost and Alien and forged in the fires of classic shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein.
Ryan Winslett 2014-05-23
Tomodachi Life Gets Friendly With Shareable Demos image
Tomodachi Life is living up to its namesake as Nintendo today announces that every full version of the game will feature two download codes for a ďWelcome VersionĒ of the game, allowing purchasers to invite their real life tomodachis (friends) in to sample what the game has to offer.
Ryan Winslett 2014-05-21
Metroid, Mario Kart, Kirby And Brain Age Are May's Nintendo Rewards image
Four new titles have been rotated in for the Club Nintendo Rewards program in May, including some old school Metroid, Mario Kart and Kirby, as well as some Brain Age goodness for those who want to give the grey matter a mild workout.
Ryan Winslett 2014-05-13
Review: Mario Golf: World Tour Plays A Solid Round image
It's been about a decade since the last Mario Golf game swung onto the scene but, last week, Mario Golf: World Tour finally arrived on the 3DS, giving sports fans a whole new single player campaign to dive into, as well as a robust suite of online options. But after all this time, is World Tour worth breaking out the virtual clubs for?
Ryan Winslett 2014-05-10
Mega Man And The Denpa Men Lead The Charge For Nintendo's Weekly Release image
Mega May continues in the House of Nintendo as both Mega Man II and Mega Man III make their way to the 3DS Virtual Console. A new game starring the Denpa Men also arrives this week, alongside some discounts from the folks at Joindots.
Ryan Winslett 2014-05-09
Mario Golf: World Tour Gets Details On Three DLC Packs image
Golf fans have even more to look forward to on the 3DS as Nintendo announces three planned DLC packs for Mario Golf: World Tour, each offering three new courses and a new playable character.
Ryan Winslett 2014-04-22
Super Mario Bros. 3 And Golden Sun Lead The Charge For Nintendo This Week image
Everything old is new and awesome again on Nintendo platforms this week as the Virtual Arcade gets a heaping helping of legacy games including a bunch of Game Boy Advance games on the Wii U and Super Mario Bros. 3 on the 3DS and the Wii U.
Ryan Winslett 2014-04-18
Tomodachi Life Brings Mii Life Sim To 3DS In June image
Releasing just in time to consume everyoneís lives during the week of E3, Nintendo has today announced a brand new game/life sim hybrid in yet another Direct video announcement. Itís called Tomodachi Life, itís hitting the Nintendo 3DS, itís arriving on June 6, and itís actually a little tricky to explain.
Ryan Winslett 2014-04-10
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