Heavy Rain: The Multiple Options Of Robbing A Store Trailer image
The latest trailer consists of a corner store hold-up and the multiple ways in which the scenario can be thwarted, avoided or handled.
William Usher 2009-09-29
MGS4 Modded PS3 Crushes Your Pathetic Console image
My own PS3 is a regular old 80GB model that came packed with Metal Gear Solid IV. I used my covetous eyes to look at the gun metal gray special edition, but alas was unable to procure one. But Iím happy with my system, at least until today. Coming across the Morpheon Mods take on a MGS4 PS3 is enough to make any fan of the series weep with desire.
Steve West 2008-10-22
Hancock Coming To BRAVIA HDTV Owners First image
Sonyís BRAVIA Internet Video Link has been mediocre at best so far. At least when you consider the $299 add-on pricing. I can watch YouTube on my computer. So itís odd that I donít like the offering of Hancock prior to its Blu-ray release. After all, this is the sort of content BRAVIA owners are expecting from Sony. Hereís the issue: why in the hell is this system not being integrated onto the PlayStation Network?
Steve West 2008-10-15
New Xbox Preloading Games Experience Works, If You Have The Space image
The reason mega games like Metal Gear Solid 4 have to be loaded onto your PS3 is because the transfer rate of early generation blu-ray drives is exponentially slower than DVD. Without preloading there would be a load screen every 5 minutes in PS3 games. Or the traditional load screens would be 3x as long, or longer. But Microsoft doesnít want to be left out of this preloading craze
Steve West 2008-10-08
How Do The Studios Stack Up On Blu-ray Releases? image
Blu-ray is expensive. The players are not cheap, and neither are the discs. So when you spend that ridiculous $30+ on a movie you expect it to be of the highest quality. Yet so many studios are pushing out lazy SD content that doesnít even include the standard features of a DVD release. Having already been burned by the early days of DVD (hey there horrible Goodfellas transfer) Iíve kept a keen eye on what films are worth picking up on Blu-ray right now. In case you were wondering, as I was, Kill Bill look spectacular in Blu-ray format.
Steve West 2008-10-07
Iron Man Crushes BD-Live image
Iím sure that as of right now I am not alone in having watched possibly the best put together Blu-ray disc to hit the market in Iron Man. At least until we get that Lord of the Rings set (soon please). I spent a good hour going over the Hall of Armor as I learned the most random details on Starkís invention. And then there were the hours long making of that went into painstaking detail on bringing Shell Head to the big screen.
Steve West 2008-10-05
Proof That We Shouldn't Do Unboxings: Apple Remote image
You may wonder if any of us at Cinema Blend have actually bought a gadget or two. Itís clear that weíve never done one of those unboxing posts or videos. I assure you Iíve bought items in the last month such as a PS3 and Canon Rebel EOS XTi. Items that at some point in time would have been worthy of an unboxing.
Steve West 2008-09-15
Xbox 360 Controller Jammed Into Dual Shock Shell image
There have been a lot of console mods over the years. Wiiís made up with Zelda paraphernalia and the like. A modder on the Ben Heck forums has decided that the small handed among the populace should have a chance to play the Xbox 360. Even though the wireless 360 controller is a comfortable size, it is still larger than the PS3 SIXAXIS or DUALSHOCK 3.
Steve West 2008-07-31
Nyko Media Hub Increases Port-ness Of PS3 image
Those who have been buying the current PS3 (40GB model) may have noticed that the console is slim on a few ports. But thatís OK, because Nyko has turned their attention to all yíall who are missing your USB ports. Nykoís Media Hub for the PS3 ups the USB and memory card reading ante for all models of the PS3.
Steve West 2008-07-02
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Doesn't Play Nice With Rock Band Guitar image
It looks like Guitar Hero: Aerosmith did not rectify the incompatible guitar peripheral ďissue.Ē Actually, itís doubtful that Activision sees it as a problem. As popular, with fans and critics alike, as Rock Band is it still pales in comparison to the Guitar Hero series.
Steve West 2008-06-30
Rumor: Sony To Introduce Yet Another PS3 Controller image
Could Sony really plan to introduce yet another PS3 controller so soon after fixing the rumble debacle? The DualShock3 has only recently come out, and now there are rumors of a brand new version in the works. This time the controller would split apart in the middle giving you a similar setup to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk design.
Steve West 2008-06-15
LEGO To Release Rogue Shadow In Conjuntion With Force Unleashed image
Along with the Euphoria engine and pretty new physics that make you really feel as if the Force is flowing through your body, the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will feature are new ship to add to your ever expanding Star Wars armada.
Steve West 2008-05-17
Liberty City Vs New York City: A Photo Comparison image
How close to NYC does Liberty City actually look? For those of us who have lived and worked in the city there are constant reminders. Little touches that make you stop and say, ďWait a second.Ē
Steve West 2008-05-13
Micrsoft Denies Blu-ray Capable Xbox 360...Again image
Itís come to the point with the Xbox 360 with Blu-ray fiasco that Iíll only believe it when I can walk into a store and purchase one. Even an official confirmation from Microsoft might not persuade me it is real.
Steve West 2008-05-05
Blockbuster To Offer DS Games For Rent, New PS3 Bundle On Sale image
Blockbuster may not be interested in digital distribution, but they are starting to see the potential for the gaming market. Years ago they started an initiative for those renting games on a consistent basis, and since then the chain has expanded its video game support.
Steve West 2008-05-04
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