2008 Winter TV Preview: Real World Road Rules - Gauntlet III

By Kelly West 8 years ago discussion comments
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2008 Winter TV Preview: Real World Road Rules - Gauntlet III image
Real World/Road Rules Challenge: - Gauntlet III

Premieres: Wednesday, January 23rd at 10:00 p.m. EST
Network: MTV
Host: TJ Lavin (contestants listed below)
Website: mtv.com

The Real Worlders and the Road Rulers are back to team up and compete for $400,000 in cash and prizes. Seeing as these people can never seem to get alone, Iím sure we can expect as much drama as weíve seen in previous seasons. This season will include hour-long episodes. Below is the list of contestants:

Veterans: Coral (RW: Back to New York), Beth (RW: Los Angeles), Katie (RR: The Quest), Robin (RW: San Diego), Paula (RW: Key West), Ev (Fresh Meat), Casey (Fresh Meat), Diem (Fresh Meat), CT (RW: Paris), Brad (RW: San Diego), Danny (RW: Austin), Eric (Fresh Meat), Evan (Fresh Meat), Kenny (Fresh Meat), Johnny (RW: Key West), Adam (RW: Paris).

Rookies: Johanna (RW: Austin), Brooke (RW: Denver), Melinda (RW: Austin), Janelle (RE: Key West), Rachel (RW: Austin), Jillian (RR: The Extreme), Angel (RR: Viewer's Revenge), Tori (RR: Viewer's Revenge), Tyrie (RR: Denver), Alex (RW: Denver), Tyler (RW: Key West), Nehemiah (RW: Austin), Zach (RW: Key West), Derek (RR: Viewer's Revenge), Frank (RW: Las Vegas), Ryan (Fresh Meat).

Iíve long since given up watching MTVís reality shows regularly. That said, thereís nothing like a good Real World or Road Rules marathon on a Sunday when thereís nothing else to watch or do. The same applies to The Gauntlet. In fact, I actually like the RW/RR challenges better because thereís more drama and crazy competitions that make people cry. So chances are, Iíll probably get around to watching this season if/when the network decides to air a whole block of them at a time.

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