24's Carlos Bernard Gets A Recurring Role On TNT's Dallas

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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24's Carlos Bernard Gets A Recurring Role On TNT's Dallas image
24 fans will appreciate this bit of casting news. Carlos Bernard, known for playing the often serious CTU agent Tony Almeida in the popular Fox action-thriller series 24 is set to play a recurring role on TNTís reboot of Dallas.

According to Vulture, Bernard is set to make his first appearance on the TNT drama early in the season, playing a ďa suave Venezuelan businessman trying to hammer out a deal with J.R.Ē As Vulture points out, Bernard is currently playing a serial killerís dad in a season-long arc of CSI: Miami. Vulture does not state what kind of facial hair situation we might be able to expect from Bernard when he appears on Dallas but weíll post an update if we hear anything.

Itíll also be interesting to learn whether or not this ďsuave VenezuelanĒ character is good or evil. Based on Bernardís role on 24, we know he can handle both. His character Tony started out on the right side of the law, forming a close relationship with Kiefer Sutherlandís Jack Bauer during the earlier seasons of the series, but circumstances changed toward the later seasons, and we got to see Almeidaís dark side. Will Bernardís Dallas character turn out to have a dark side too?
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