Tracy Morgan Finally Has A New TV Show Coming, Get The Details image
After a lengthy recovery process, comedian Tracy Jordan will soon make a fully fledged return to television in a new comedic partnership with Jordan Peele.
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-01-16
Wait, Is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Using The Same Dog As 30 Rock? image
Netflix’s latest comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of the silliest and most bizarre comedies out there right now, sharing sensibilities and timing with 30 Rock, which makes sense since the brains behind both are the same. But what else do these shows share?
Nick Venable 2015-03-25
Why Jack And Liz Didn't End Up Together On 30 Rock image
Some fans of NBC’s 30 Rock really wanted Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy to end up together by the time  the series ended, but they didn’t, and Alec Baldwin explained why in a recent Reddit AMA.
Nick Venable 2015-03-17
How Will Forte's Attempt To Prank Kenan Thompson Went Hilariously Wrong image
To promote the new comedy The Last Man On Earth, Will Forte popped up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. During his time on the show, however, he told Kimmel and the audience a great story about how he and Kristen Schaal ended up getting into high jinks in Kenan Thompson’s dressing room.
Jessica Rawden 2015-02-26
10 Fake TV Products We Desperately Want For Christmas image
Sometimes the things one really wants for Christmas just don’t exist, especially when one is a giant TV fanatic whose mental boundary between real and fictional worlds is thinner than Captain Picard’s hairline. So here are 10 fictitious items that I'd love to see under my tree on Christmas morning.
Nick Venable 2014-12-24
Remember When James Franco Predicted The Interview Controversy On 30 Rock? image
James Franco’s career is full of hyphens, as he’s a writer-director-producer-actor-social media weirdo, to name just a few things. We can add fictional clairvoyant to that list now, thanks to Franco’s appearance on an episode of 30 Rock where he seems to magically predict the current state of affairs involving Sony’s currently shelved comedy
Nick Venable 2014-12-19
Broadway Legend Elaine Stritch Dies At 89  image
Today marks the end of an incredible career that has stretched 70 years. Elaine Stritch has passed away at age 89.
Kristy Puchko 2014-07-17
6 Funny Valentine's Day TV Episodes On Netflix To Laugh Your Blues Away image
Valentine's Day isn't for everyone. Whether you’re single, sick of it all, or somewhere in between, finding a way to distract yourself on the overtly lovey-dovey day is a necessity. But we’re not proponents of the mentality that if you’re not in love you must be miserable and bitter instead. It’s silly, and stupid, and a waste of everyone’s time. Plus what sort of monster would encourage you to be unhappy? (Spoiler Alert: not me.)
Alicia Lutes 2014-02-13
Alec Baldwin Reportedly In Early Talks To Host A Late Night Talk Show At NBC image
Is Alec Baldwin late-night bound? That's the current rumor. The 30 Rock star is reportedly in early talks to host his own show on NBC. Word is that he'd take over the 1:35 a.m. spot, which is currently home to the half-hour interview show, Last Call with Carson Daly.
Kelly West 2013-04-09
Watch 30 Rock Stars Say Tearful Goodbyes To Tina Fey image
We still don't really want to admit that 30 Rock has gone off the air once and for all, but given how much we've been thinking about Jack's invention of clear dishwashers since last Thursday, it's probably time to come to terms with it once and for all. The final episode of the wickedly irreverent show went in for a little more sentiment than it usually does
Katey Rich 2013-02-02
Do No Harm's Premiere Tanks In Thursday's Ratings image
Last night could have been a big night for NBC. With 30 Rock’s series finale and the premiere of Do No Harm there was more than one reason to tune in to the peacock network last night. Unfortunately, while 30 Rock went out on its highest note in two years, Do No Harm barely even even brought in an audience.
Jessica Rawden 2013-02-01
Ben And Jerry's 30 Rock Flavor Will Focus On Liz Lemon image
It was a sad moment for fans of 30 Rock last night when NBC’s long-running comedy finally finished its run on the network. Luckily, unlike most programs that just settle into reruns, eventually even forgotten by the cable networks that don’t offer enough original programming, 30 Rock will get a shot at infamy with a new flavor of Ben and Jerry’s. Today we learned that flavor will simply be called “Liz Lemon.”
Jessica Rawden 2013-02-01
30 Rock Watch: Series Finale - Hogcock!; Last Lunch image
You will be missed 30 Rock and I am ecstatic to see the show go out on such a high note in both its final season and series finale. I was never not happy to go to there with Fey and company.
Zac Oldenburg 2013-02-01
The 5 Biggest Revelations Of The 30 Rock Finale image
I haven't watched a series finale as closely as 30 Rock's since Lost went off the air, but I really never expected to have to watch the end of a sitcom as closely as I watched that massive drama. And yet, with its patented rapid-fire jokes and references, 30 Rock crammed a ton of information into its final two episodes
Katey Rich 2013-02-01
30 Rock's Top 20 Recurring Characters image
The end of 30 Rock tonight doesn't just mean happy endings for Jack, Liz, and all of the familiar members of the TGS crew. It also means the last we'll see from 30 Rock's vast universe of side characters, the families and girlfriends and boyfriends of our main characters as well as the random recurring roles who help make this world uniquely bizarre and fun to visit
Katey Rich 2013-01-31
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