11 TV Characters That Were Killed Off In Really Gruesome Ways image
The modern era of television can be summed up in many ways, with plenty of trends and tropes to choose as foundations. We’ve rounded up 11 of the most gruesome deaths TV characters have faced over the years. Yes, there will be spoilers.
Nick Venable 2015-07-20
10 Great Shows That Went Way Downhill image
Here, we’re shining a  spotlight on ten of the worst offenders when it comes to great TV shows that got increasingly more frustrating as time went by. The shows that started off fantastic and eventually got lost in the smokescreen of their own wheel-spinning.
Nick Venable 2015-04-29
Why Dexter Ended The Way It Did image
With largely piss-poor new characters, killers and plot development, Dexter spiraled downward into a finale that defied not just odds but main character Dexter Morgan’s M.O. in life. But for all the questionable choices found therein, Michael C. Hall is able to put the finale’s final scenes into a justifiable perspective.
Nick Venable 2014-12-04
Dexter Superfan Murders Friend, Dismembers Her Body image
A 17-year-old boy in Britain has been sentenced to twenty-five years in jail for the savage murder of his female friend. His attorney told the court his client was obsessed with the serial killer drama Dexter and wanted to emulate him.
Mack Rawden 2014-10-03
2013's 10 Deadliest TV Series: The Most Shocking And Memorable Character Deaths image
A lot of people died on television in 2013. Maybe the number of small-screen fatalities are always this high but it sure seems like the past year went above and beyond in the death department. Big series offing two, three even four major characters was commonplace. No one is safe, especially on cable. Here are ten shows that featured some of the year's most memorable and/or shocking losses.
Jesse Carp 2014-01-01
Game Of Thrones And Breaking Bad Among 2013's Most Illegally Downloaded TV Shows image
With Christmas just barely in the rearview and the new year upon us, now’s a good time to look back on what people were watching over the last year, or in the case of this latest compilation, what TV shows people were pirating most in 2013. As it happens, Game of Thrones has once again topped the list.
Kelly West 2013-12-26
Dexter Headed To Netflix Streaming Just In Time For Halloween image
Still debating whether or not to shell out hundreds of dollars to purchase the Dexter: The Complete Series Collection Blu-ray set? Well, hang onto your wallets, as there’s a far more affordable way to binge-watch all eight seasons of Showtime’s serial killer drama, thanks to Netflix. The first four seasons of the series are set to arrive on Netflix streaming later this week, while the other four seasons will be made available in January.
Kelly West 2013-10-28
Dexter Producer Says Showtime Wouldn't Let Dexter Morgan Die image
Both Breaking Bad and Dexter developed loyal followings during the tenure of their respective runs, but while Breaking Bad went out with a bang, Dexter went out with more of a whimper. Many fans were disappointed with the last episode of Showtime’s subscription cable series and over the weekend, producer John Goldwyn spoke out about the finale, explaining why Dexter ended how it did.
Jessica Rawden 2013-10-07
Dexter Series Finale Watch: Remember The Monsters?  image
The storm we were promised arrived in time for Dexter's series finale ("Remember the Monsters") in an episode that proved to be about on par with this season, which is to say, unfortunately, somewhat disappointing, especially when we consider some of the high points of the series.
Kelly West 2013-09-22
Dexter Series Finale Clips Tease At Tension And Support image
The last episode of Dexter will air this Sunday night, and those of us who've stuck with the series through thick and thin can only hope that the series finale will measure up to some of the show's better episodes. The penultimate episode left off with Dexter headed to the airport to leave with Miami with Hannah, but the above clip indicates that he won't be going anywhere just yet.
Kelly West 2013-09-18
Dexter Series Finale Preview: Remember The Monsters? image
The end is here! Or it will be this Sunday night. Dexter left off with a pretty major cliffhanger last night -- Spoilers if you haven't seen "Monkey in the Box" yet! -- and based on the preview for next week's series finale, "Remember the Monsters?," it looks like Dexter won't be skipping down before checking in on Deb. And he seems to feel some remorse about leaving Saxon alive. Will Deb being shot be a life-lesson for Dexter about walking away from a kill?
Kelly West 2013-09-16
Dexter Watch: Season 8, Episode 11 - Monkey In The Box image
It took forever for tonight's episode of Dexter to get there, but it did eventually get there. "Monkey in the Box," the series' penultimate episode, left us with a proper cliffhanger as the series finale looms closer. If you haven't seen the episode yet, consider yourself spoiler-warned from this point forward!
Kelly West 2013-09-15
Dexter Season 8, Episode 11 Preview: Monkey In The Box image
With just two episodes left for Dexter, what will "Monkey in the Box" have to offer? A choice, for one thing. Oftentimes, by the time we get to the end of a season of Dexter, the lead character has his target locked and it's just a matter of how he'll take them down, but this time around, it seems Dexter has the opportunity to walk away. Will he take it? The preview for "Monkey in the Box" hints that a storm is coming, both literally and figuratively.
Kelly West 2013-09-13
Dexter Video Teases The Final Two Episodes Of The Series image
There are just two episodes left and then it's all over for Dexter, for better or worse. Who will make it out of this series alive? Last night's episode eliminated one name from that list, and the new preview teases danger for other characters, thanks in large part to the presence of Oliver Saxon.
Kelly West 2013-09-09
Dexter Watch: Season 8, Episode 10 - Goodbye Miami image
If there's a lesson to be learned from tonight's episode of Dexter, it's that exercise is dangerous. Just ask Harrison or that cyclist who became the victim of road rage. Then again, sitting down isn't and enjoying some tea may be hazardous to a person's wellbeing too, so maybe there's no winning for anyone on this series. Spoilers if you haven't seen tonight's episode of Dexter ("Goodbye Miami")!
Kelly West 2013-09-08
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