How Tom Mison Feels About Nicole Beharie Leaving Sleepy Hollow image
Sleepy Hollow has recently been renewed for Season 4, and now the show's remaining star, Tom Mison is speaking out about how Nicole Beharie’s exit has impacted him and the show.
Adrienne Jones 2016-05-31
Why Wayward Pines' Shocking Death Had To Happen, According To The Star image
Despite ending Season 1 in a way that tied everything up accordingly (if not super-precisely), Wayward Pines is back for Season 2, and it's already started to pile up the bodies. Here's why tonight's big death happened.
Nick Venable 2016-05-26
Is Gotham Season 3 Adding Bane Into The Mix? Here's What We Know image
Gotham's Season 2 finale ended in a way that makes it look like Season 3 will be teeming with monstrous villains. Could Batman's brutish rogue Bane become one of those villains? Here's why we think so.
Nick Venable 2016-05-26
Gotham Just Dropped A Major Joker Hint For Season 3 image
Gotham used the second half of Season 2 to introduce and flesh out Hugo Strange and his bizarre schemes, and tonight's finale seemingly hinted at a familiar face and laugh being around in Season 3.
Nick Venable 2016-05-24
Gotham's Finale Just Gave Us The Most WTF Ending Yet image
At a point in the TV season where loads of shows are delivering cliffhangers centering on characters possibly dying, Gotham went for something unpredictable and absurd in its Season 2 finale.
Nick Venable 2016-05-24
The 5 New Villains Gotham Is Probably Adding Next Season image
Gotham has used most of Batman’s major enemies, but there are still a few left over that will be brought in for Season 3. Here are the five bad guys on the way.
Adam Holmes 2016-05-23
Bones Isn't On Fox's Fall Schedule, Here's Why image
Fox's long-running Bones has been renewed for a final batch of episodes, but they won't be hitting the airwaves too early. Season 12 has been bumped from the fall schedule to make way for something else entirely.
Laura Hurley 2016-05-20
How The Simpsons Pulled Off Homer's Live Episode image
his past week saw the iconic FOX comedy do what no cartoon has ever dared to try before: a live broadcast. The event managed to astonish fans all around the world, and it has raised one serious question: how the hell did they manage to pull that off?
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-05-20
What Bob's Burgers Was Originally Going To Be About image
Bob’s Burgers has been on the air for six seasons and more than 100 episodes. However, recently Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard admitted his first draft of the Belcher family made them even weirder than they are today.
Jessica Rawden 2016-05-20
Cancelled Or Renewed? The 2016 Network Rundown Of What's Coming Back And What's Not image
By this spring, the networks will make some big decisions on whether or not some of our favorites will get renewals, and for now we are keeping tabs on what shows are cancelled, which are renewed and which at least have received full season orders.
Jessica Rawden 2016-05-18
The Prison Break Revival Trailer Explains What Happened To Michael image
If you’ve been keeping tabs on Fox’s upcoming TV schedule at all, you may know that Prison Break is coming back in the form of an event series, with most of the major players returning. How, you may ask? The trailer explains.
Jessica Rawden 2016-05-17
Gotham's Court Of Owls: What We Know From The Comics image
The latter half of Gotham Season 2 has featured Hugo Strange as the primary antagonist, but tonight,s episode, “A Legion of Horribles,” introduced a group of villains more dangerous than him: the Court of Owls.
Adam Holmes 2016-05-17
Damn It, The 24: Legacy Trailer Is Thrilling And Action-Packed image
Fox has released the first trailer for the spinoff 24: Legacy, and most of our doubts about a Jack Bauer-free 24 have been put into a chokehold and then dropkicked out of a moving bus.
Nick Venable 2016-05-16
The Lethal Weapon TV Trailer Is Equal Parts Action And Comedy image
While obviously nothing can top Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as the leading duo, the first trailer for Fox's Lethal Weapon TV show does manage to capture the madcap energy and hectic action of the films, while also amping up the jokes.
Nick Venable 2016-05-16
When The Prison Break Revival Is Finally Going To Premiere image
Network television nowadays is in an era of remakes, reboots, and revivals. One of the most exciting continuations has to be the revival of Prison Break on Fox, and now we know when the new episodes will hit the airwaves.
Laura Hurley 2016-05-16
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