How To Watch Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 And Two More Great Shows That Just Started Streaming image
With Thanksgiving coming up this week, you might find yourself with some extra time to knock some binge-watching out of the way. Luckily, you can watch all of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a few more series. Find out what all of them are here.
Nick Venable 2014-11-23
Is The Walking Dead Setting Rick Up For A Massive Loss?  image
Is it pessimistic to suggest that Rick Grimes is being set up for a major fall? Is it worse to suggest that it needs to happen? To be clear, I'm not suggesting that Rick will die anytime soon. But he may be due for a massive setback, which would perhaps throw some necessary perspective back into his life. And the timing would be right for this to happen during next week's mid-season finale.
Kelly West 2014-11-23
John Stamos' New Drama Just Got Canceled Before It Even Premiered image
Today, news broke that ABC has canceled Members Only, a drama starring John Stamos, Breaking Bad’s Betsy Brandt and The Following’s Natalie Zea. The series, formerly called The Club had a high-profile straight-to-series pick up last January, but won't move forward.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-23
What Arrow And The Flash Producers Aren't Allowed To Show image
Despite DC’s intentions to go the un-Marvel route of keeping their universes separate across film and TV, The CW is the one place to find major costumed crossover action. But there are still things that both series are unable to do at this point in their run.
Nick Venable 2014-11-23
Watch Saturday Night Live Take Shots At Bill Cosby image
Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che have finally started to fall into a comfortable rhythm on the late night stage. This weekend, the writers even gave newbie Che some tougher material, having him address the Bill Cosby controversy that is currently taking the Internet by storm.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-23
Smallville’s Allison Mack Will Appear On The Following, Get The Details image
The Smallville faithful can rejoice as their beloved Allison Mack aka techie Chloe Sullivan from the long running drama is returning to prime time. And the move is not to any of the superhero shows that are flooding the networks. Mack is instead returning to the very dark FOX drama The Following starring Kevin Bacon.
Jarrett Kruse 2014-11-23
13 Clever Futurama References You May Have Missed On The Simpsons image
We tracked down twelve especially clever times the former managed to show up on the latter. But why stop there when the science-fiction series has also made many appearances on their sister-show set in Springfield? Here are twelve Futurama easter eggs from The Simpsons...
Jesse Carp 2014-11-23
Cameron Diaz Raps In Funny Thanksgiving SNL Sketch image
Cameron Diaz returns to SNL with a hysterical new rap spoof along with the rest of her posse as the rap group “Your Girls” drops their newest single. This time they tackle returning home for the holidays with their cut “Back Home Ballers.”
Jarrett Kruse 2014-11-23
How James Corden Was Roped Into Late Night When His Career Was Taking Off image
Just as his day job of acting was taking off, Corden got the nod as one of the frontrunners to take over for Craig Ferguson in the cushy 12:30 late night slot on CBS. But just what exactly convinced him to take the offer seriously?
Jarrett Kruse 2014-11-22
Forget Musical Chairs: Here's Musical Beers With Mark Ruffalo image
Jimmy Fallon may have a new staple game on his hands with the advent of "Musical Beers." This week he tried it out with Stephen Merchant and The Incredible Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo.
Jarrett Kruse 2014-11-22
Jimmy Fallon Is Turning His Lip Sync Battles Into A Series, Get The Details image
It was only a matter of time before Jimmy Fallon’s staple bit caught fire enough to warrant its own series. Fans have been flocking to YouTube to watch "Lip Sync Battles" over the last few months, and now, they'll be able to head to cable to watch their favorite celebrities rock out to their favorite jams in a brand new series.
Jarrett Kruse 2014-11-22
William Shatner Is Headed To Syfy's Haven image
William Shatner is headed to the SyFy Network show, Haven. Shatner will have a four-episode arc, and will play a pivotal role that could change the town of Haven forever.
Kendall Ashley 2014-11-21
The Walking Dead Will Feature An Epic Showdown In Its Midseason Finale  image
Is it just me, or has this season of The Walking Dead completely flown by? It feels like the season just started, and we’re already staring down the barrel of the mid-season hiatus. If you’re not caught up on The Walking Dead, you may want to before reading a little about the epic showdown happening soon.
Kendall Ashley 2014-11-21
Netflix Just Saved Tina Fey's New Show From NBC, Before They Could Cancel It image
Netflix is becoming kind of known for swooping in and rescuing cancelled series, but the situation involving Tina Fey's new comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a bit different, as this half-hour comedy about a doomsday cult escapee wasn't technically cancelled by NBC and hasn't even aired yet.
Kelly West 2014-11-21
Farscape Creator Is Bringing This Awesome Comic Book Series To TV image
One of science fiction TV’s biggest names is about to get into business with one of the biggest names in comic books and one of the biggest producers in the industry. Big things are happening, I tell ya!
Nick Venable 2014-11-21
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